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Game Creek Restaurant

By Ric StovallThe view out the windows is one big vista.

Getting to Game Creek Restaurant is half the fun. Start in Lionshead and ride up the Eagle Bahn gondola. From what seems like the top of the world, you’ll be whisked away by snowcat, plunging down into Game Creek Bowl. Take in the breathtaking mountain views before you arrive at the European-style, rustically elegant Game Creek Restaurant.

Sure, steak and eggs in on the menu, but it’s not like anything you’ve ever savored before. This isn’t the greasy-spoon diner, after all. The American Kobe Steak and Eggs appetizer starts with grilled sirloin paired with a positively sinful truffled egg salad and greens. Indulge in the salt-cured foie gras or sample the Crab Louis – executive chef Darrell Jensen makes this classic dish his own with cucumber, apple and citrus fruits adding diversity to the sweet crab. For something a bit lighter, try the spinach salad with Point Reyes blue cheese, Marcona almonds and a refreshing pomegranate dressing.

Those looking for the game in Game Creek won’t be disappointed. The venison loin is grilled to perfection and served with a comforting chanterelle hash that will stick to your ribs and keep you warm on the journey back to Lionshead.

But vegetarians never fear. The house-made ricotta raviolis, with artichoke sauce, tomato pecorino cheese and truffle oil, will rival Nona’s. Also try the slightly sweet, flaky branzini, also known as the Mediterranean sea bass. Seared and accompanied by soy beans and fingerling potatoes, this is a dish not to be missed.

Treat yourself to Game Creek’s crunchy chocolate bar. No, it’s not what you’ll find out of the vending machine! The exquisitely fine chocolate is infused with nuts and arrives with creme anglaise. Or dive into the spongy blueberry brioche bread pudding with lemon ice cream. Any of the captivating desserts is sure to end your meal on a perfectly sweet note.

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