Gary Lindstrom pulls out of governor’s race |

Gary Lindstrom pulls out of governor’s race

Duffy Hayes
Special to the DailyGary Lindstrom

SUMMIT COUNTY ” State Rep. Gary Lindstrom’s fledgling, grassroots campaign for governor has been grounded before ever having a chance to really take flight.

Tuesday, Lindstrom, D-Breckenridge, announced that he was dropping his bid to be the Democratic candidate for the state’s highest office.

“The reason I’m dropping out is because I feel as though the time, money and other resources that it would take myself and Bill Rittter to win a primary is better spent to elect a Democrat governor,” he said pragmatically.

Lindstrom’s departure leaves just one announced Democratic candidate in the race ” former Denver District Attorney Ritter. GOP Congressman Bob Beauprez and University of Denver president Marc Holtzman are set to square off in the Aug. 8 Republican primary.

The self-proclaimed “outsider” candidate wouldn’t officially endorse Ritter, because of fundamental disagreements on a host of important issues, including abortion.

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“If no other Democrat enters the race, I would ask people to vote for Bill Ritter, but that falls short of endorsing him,” Lindstrom said.

“Because if I endorse him, I would be endorsing his platform, and there’s some things in his platform that I don’t agree with. He’s pro-life … I’m pro-choice. And he has publicly stated that many, many times.”

He added: “In addition to that, I think the thing that bothers me the most is the fact that he is not connected to rural Colorado. He was the Denver D.A., he lives in Denver. He’s been connected with Denver politics for many years. He’s a 17th Street lawyer, and the law firm that he worked for was a lobbyist law firm. And with all the stuff that’s been going on in Washington now, it’s not a positive thing to be known as a lawyer-lobbyist.”

In announcing his leaving the governor’s race, Lindstrom also dropped a a bombshell.

“I’m not running for reelection. There are a couple of people who I know are interested in running, and they’ll be coming forward soon.”

Among the reasons he gave for his decision not to seek a new term in the House was to spend more time with his ailing wife. She suffers from multiple sclerosis, and currently resides in a nursing home in Boulder.

“Being a politician I’ve only been able to spend one day a week with her, and I’ll have more time to take care of her,” he said.

When asked about his political future, though, he didn’t close the book.

“I’ll always be looking at options. I’m never going to say never. But I never had any intention of staying in the House for a long period of time. I probably would have been a two or three term kind of guy. But I think right now because of the time and effort that I’ve put into the governor’s race, I’m just not inclined to want to run a campaign for the House of Representatives.”

Lindstrom has 10 months left in his House term. He says he will serve that out, and has no intention of resigning now.

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