Gary Lindstrom to learn Spanish |

Gary Lindstrom to learn Spanish

Daily Staff Report

SUMMIT COUNTY – Eagle County state Representative Gary Lindstrom is traveling to Mexico for four weeks to learn how to speak Spanish.”Issues relating to the large number of foreign workers in Colorado increase the importance of elected officials to have a strong grasp of their language and their culture,” said Lindstrom, who lives in Summit County.The Democrat will be attending a Spanish immersion program from July 24 to Aug. 20 in San Miguel de Allende, about 200 miles northwest of Mexico City. Lindstrom said he took two years of Spanish in college and can read the language fairly well.”But my ability to speak Spanish without people breaking into laughter is a concern to me,” he said.Lindstrom said he’s treating his linguistic sojourn as a vacation, his first real one since he went to Disneyland in 1989.Vail, Colorado

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