Gas prices’ unforeseen benefits |

Gas prices’ unforeseen benefits

Don Rogers

If you thought gas prices might pinch travel to the High Country, think again.It might be the very reason the Vail Valley has so many visitors these days. Well, that and the recent heat wave.At the paper, we see it indirectly in advertising by businesses clever enough to understand there are a whole lot of people picking up the paper this summer.Our editions lately have been bursting at the seams, straining the press capacity, and no doubt keeping our copy editors out of mischief in their off-hours. (As in, What off hours?)Some days, what have been three-section papers have become four-section papers. And two-section editions have swelled to three-section efforts.The size of the daily paper runs in direct correlation to the advertisements that have been purchased. So many ads work out to so many pages. More ads, more pages, more room for stories and pictures and commentary features and all that.So business is good for the moment, whatever the Democrats want to tell you. Folks are coming up and spending their vacations in the right place. Of course, those of us lucky enough to live here already know that.What’s a little surprising is how many people are driving here, given the spike in gas prices.But as one observer noted in conversation this week, it may be that Front Rangers who otherwise would be driving to the coast or Las Vegas or some other farther destination are instead sticking to the Colorado High Country this year.So the unintended consequence, the surprise development, has been that the gas prices have helped make Vail a more likely destination. Only one word for that: Cool. Vail, Colorado

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