Gavel passes with a snub |

Gavel passes with a snub

Don Rogers

If you thought our august county commissioners had grown up over the past year, guess again.

The same personal pettiness that has infected Tom Stone and Michael Gallagher toward that uppity Arn Menconi has been a thorn and frankly an occasional embarrassment to the county for three years running now.

It bloomed this week when the two ganged up, again, to deny their fellow commissioner what would be his turn as chairman of the board. It’s a rather small dignity, to be sure, mainly symbolic, though with a measure of control over meeting agendas.

Unfortunately, the innate symbolism in this rank display of disrespect – entirely unwarranted, by the way – reflects most poorly on Commissioners Stone and Gallagher.

Keeping the chairmanship to themselves, last year Gallagher elbowing Menconi aside with crony Stone’s vote and this year Stone elbowing Menconi aside with crony Gallagher’s vote, is unfair, immature and possibly foolish. Of course, we’ll see what the voters have to say as Gallagher and Menconi presumably run for re-election. Who knows, maybe the electorate will approve. Still …

Commissioner Menconi has conducted himself with nothing but dignity and a level of maturity that’s frankly been a cut above his elders. He has done nothing unbecoming in any way that should preclude him from taking his turn at the gavel, as dictated by long tradition on the county Board of Commissioners. Besides, the two can vote against him anyway with no loss of control.

Make no mistake, this is a quite personal snub. The fact that is also an unnecessary one besmirches the important office these fellows hold.

Best run county, perhaps. But not at the board level, sadly, where pettiness still holds firmly to its seat in the front row.

Sounds good

Some downvalley parents whose kids ride to the hills will cheer the advent of the free ski bus to Vail these coming Saturdays, and savings of a dollar. How many Vail Valley folk truly foresake the trusty automobile for the bus ride, well, we’ll see.

Always nice to avoid $10-$16 in parking while skiing, for sure. Then again, more than a few of us don’t mind braving those highly exaggerated perils of Frontage Road parking and actually seek it out. Hey, it’s a win-win – your car there, free to go when and where you will, AND free parking. It will be interesting to see how much the bus ridership swells these Saturdays.

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