Genius of smart growth |

Genius of smart growth

Don Rogers

“Smart growth” has simple tenets. Simple enough that they should be obvious to all. The key one is this: Build in community centers and save hinterlands.So it’s OK to build on Avon’s “Confluence” parcel right outside the windows of the Vail Valley Foundation. In this ivory tower, we don’t have a problem with the foundation’s “inconsistency” in going all out to preserve another parcel at a community center while placidly watching their view disappear. Yes, we understand developer and foundation President Harry Frampton plans to build on the Avon parcel while insisting his real estate firm’s professionals contribute to “saving” Eaton Ranch from another developer.Our issue isn’t with builders or advocates, but government leaders who act inconsistently. Bair Ranch should be preserved. Eaton Ranch should be built upon, at least the gravel pit portion of it. The Confluence in Avon should be developed. Battle Mountain should be preserved. Crossroads should be rebuilt. The ranches along Colorado River Road should be preserved. It ain’t calculus, and we’re puzzled that the county commissioners don’t get it. The cost may well be in getting voters to approve allowing them to sensibly borrow against the county open space fund. To trust leaders, you need to be able to trust their judgment.To trust judgment, you need to see consistency of action. It’s called smart growth for a reason. The genius lies in the concept’s simplicity. It should be easy enough to actually follow. Vail, Colorado

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