Geoff Grimmer, Nick Sunday lead the two races for Eagle Town Council |

Geoff Grimmer, Nick Sunday lead the two races for Eagle Town Council

Janet Bartnik and Sarah Parrish set to join them in filling the four open Eagle Town Council seats

Eagle Town Council candidates participate in a forum on Oct. 21. In the back, from left, are Weston Arbogast, Shawn Bruckman, Jamie Woodworth Foral, Weston Gleiss, Judson Haims, Sarah Parrish, Nick Sunday and Geoff Grimmer. Janet Bartnik was unable to attend.
Kelli Duncan/Vail Daily

Incumbent Geoff Grimmer beat out newcomer Weston Gleiss in the run for the Eagle Town Council’s sole four-year term, with 59% to Gleiss’s 41% as of 9:15 p.m. Tuesday.

“Big projects take time,“ Grimmer said Tuesday evening, calling the opportunity to spend four more years serving his community ”just a tremendous honor.“

“I’m just going to wake up even earlier tomorrow and try to research even more and do everything I can to feel good after four years,” he said. “This is just the beginning.”

Joining Grimmer on the Town Council are the top vote-getters for the town’s three two-year seats up this election: Nick Sunday, Janet Bartnik and Sarah Parrish. Sunday led the pack with 19% of the vote, Bartnik claimed 17% and Parrish claimed 16%.

A total of 1,771 ballots cast by Eagle voters had been counted as of 9:15 p.m. Tuesday. Election results are set to be updated again just before midnight on Tuesday, and results will not be finalized for another two weeks.

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Bartnik, an incumbent and three-year Eagle resident, is the executive director of Mountain Recreation.

Nick Sunday, center, and Geoff Grimmer, right, were the front-runners in their respective races for the Eagle Town Council’s open two-year term seats and four-year term seat.
Kelli Duncan/Vail Daily

Sunday and Parrish will be new to the Eagle Town Council but are by no means new to the Eagle area. Both longtime residents, Parrish is a real estate agent, and Sunday is the operations manager of Alpine Vending & Video Inc.

“I was optimistic from the start. I talked to a lot of people,” Parrish said Tuesday. “There’s a lot of great strengths within this group, and I do feel really proud to have made it to rise to the top.”

“It’s a really awesome feeling that the town of Eagle, so far, has turned out for me,” Sunday said. “Either way, I don’t think Eagle could lose, and I’m really excited for that.”

Both Sunday and Parrish expressed admiration for their fellow candidates. Being such a “close-knit community,” five of them actually watched the results roll in together at Bonfire Brewing Co. in Eagle, Sunday said.

“We’re assuring everyone that is below us that they’re not off the hook,” Parrish said of the other candidates. “We’re going to still need them as resources, and we’re going to put them to work because everyone did offer such great viewpoints.”

From left, Eagle Town Council candidates Shawn Bruckman, Weston Arbogast, Nick Sunday, Sarah Parrish and Jamie Woodworth Foral watched the election results come in at Bonfire Brewing Co. in Eagle on Tuesday night.
Nick Sunday/Courtesy photo

Shawn Bruckman and Judson Haims both garnered 14% of the vote. Weston Arbogast and Jamie Woodworth Foral had each earned 10% as of 9:15 p.m.

To Parrish’s point, Grimmer said he would like to interview any candidates who did not make the cut and incorporate their ideas into the work of the new Town Council.

“We’re going to need to take the time to make sure that we debrief all the candidates and make sure we cast a broad net as far as collecting ideas that could be useful for all the residents’ quality of life,” Grimmer said Tuesday.

Some of the top issues at play this election were affordable housing, small-business support, environmental sustainability and maintaining the cultural integrity of Eagle.

These issues and more were discussed at an Eagle Town Council candidate forum held by the Eagle Chamber of Commerce last month.

The four newly elected candidates will form the majority of the seven-member Town Council in a dynamic moment in Eagle’s growth.

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