Get a Taste of India at Wolcott Yacht Club event Wednesday |

Get a Taste of India at Wolcott Yacht Club event Wednesday

A priest conducts a fire ritual in India's Chidambaram Temple. The Wolcott Yacht Club is hosting A Taste of India tonight, an India dinner and presentation from India's Ministry of Tourism and Culture.
India Ministry of Tourism & Culture |

If You Go

What: A Taste of India, dinner and a presentation about India

When: 6-8 p.m. Wednesday

Where: Wolcott Yacht Club

Cost: $25 for dinner of India food and drink. Reservations required. Call The Wolcott Yacht Club at 970-926-1390.

Information: This is dinner, a slide show and talk, and Q&A session with by W.S. Jagannath Babu from Indian’s Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

WOLCOTT — India is home to 1.3 billion fascinating people and you should go meet some of them.

W.S. Jagannath Babu is with India’s Ministry of Tourism & Culture and puts it this way:

“You experience India; you don’t drive around and look at,” Babu said.

Babu has spent much of the past five summers in the Vail Valley, talking to people about this country and his. He’s part of tonight’s Wolcott Yacht Club’s Taste of India event.

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Babu has been a licensed tour guide, but experience was his best teacher. He has been leading tours of India for about 20 years, taking care of groups from the time they land to the time they take off.

What you see in between is entirely up to you.

India is massive, which works well because it’s the world’s largest democracy.

“All those people are not all around you all the time,” Babu explained patiently.

Getting the silly-headed notion that it’s all like New Delhi is like thinking the entire U.S. is like New York or even New Braunfels, Texas, and is, well … silly-headed.

“We cater to clients. Whatever they want,” Babu said.

There are spiritual tours, yoga tours, the Taj Mahal and monument tours, scenic nature tours, bird watching tours, elephant and tiger tours, culture tours, beach tours, houseboat and backwater tours … like the man said, whatever you want.

You can even do medical tourism. Medical treatments in India are much less expensive than in the U.S., so you can get the same sort of treatment and take a vacation, instead of paying an exorbitant amount and some paper pushing administrator takes a vacation with your money — instead of you.

He’s had tours that last a month, but most people come for two weeks, Babu said.

Babu will take a single traveler or a group, or put a single traveler with a group.

They’ll help you understand how to dress and conduct yourself. Like people everywhere, including here, the good people of India respond well if you’re respectful of their country and culture.

“India is everything all at once, and more,” Babu said.

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