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Get ready for summer

Nancy Sanford

In Vail, we rarely see interiors – residential and commercial – with a “year round look.” Mostly interiors here are furnished with a decidedly winter theme that makes the home feel like an “off peak” hideaway that is being dusted off for summer use. I don’t get it; I don’t wear the same clothes year round, why do even I as a designer, fall into that design trap here? Heavy fabrics and furnishings, deep colors, rich patterns and strong plaids are hallmarks of the beautiful mountain look. Any home can be transformed to a year-round beauty that keeps pace with the seasons by making some modest changes. Give your home a summer makeover that will be as refreshing as the breeze coming off the peaks and as cheery as the wildflowers that blanket the valley:1. Swap till you drop. Put away and take down accessories that convey winter, including any remnants of holiday decor, such as snowflakes or holly berries. Roll up heavy rugs, say good-bye to bulky, dark drapes and trade in your deep winter throw pillows. Go for natural fibers such as sisal or lightweight cotton rugs, shear draperies and summery pillows. When the seasons change, bring back the winter items and they’ll feel fresh again-and things last twice as long.2. Lighten up. Look around for ways you can add light, airy fabrics and colors. Use fabrics that are lightweight, such as chintz or cotton, go for brighter summer colors and avoid furniture or design elements that are laden with winter heaviness.While deep plaids, wool and heavy chenille fabrics are beautiful in winter, they are out of season in the spring and summer. Save those fabrics for accessories instead of signature pieces. Even if you prefer a rustic look, the color and textures of the woods you choose can be balanced with other design elements to make your home flex with the seasons.3. Sit on the fence. Save your definitive opinions for other issues. When designing a year-round home make permanent finishes such as tile, carpeting, and lighting season-neutral. Let the accessories match the seasons.4. Think globally; act locally. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling, create a vision for the entire house, even though you may tackle it in stages. A good designer can help you create a year round look that will be fresh with each season, and that will reflect your personal taste and preferences. 5. Get fresh. Incorporate the foliage of the seasons into your house and surrounding landscape. Use fresh flowers, local foliage and natural seasonal elements. A fountain is a lovely summer accessory that calls forth the beauty of Gore Creek winding down the mountainside.Start thinking about making changes now and you’ll transform your home into a summer sanctuary by Memorial Day.Nancy Sanford, owner of Nancy Sanford Interior Design is an award winning interior designer who has been transforming residential and commercial spaces in Colorado for 12 years. For more information go to, Colorado

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