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Get to know The Smooth Pursuit

Andrew Harley

They’re a rock ‘n’ roll band from Los Angeles. The Smooth Pursuit is on their first tour, and they play 8150 for free Friday, Aug. 6, at 10 p.m.The band plays a blend of rock that hints at Neil Young and Crazy Horse and The White Stripes.”We’ve been together for about a year,” said Brian Whelan. “We’ve been on the road for about four or five weeks. We worked up to Seattle and back, and now we’re going through the Southwest on our way to Colorado.”The Smooth Pursuit has Whelan on vocals and guitar, Josh Maag on guitar, Matt Ronchetti and Omar Buscos on drums.”It is a very high-energy live show like My Morning Jacket,” said Whelan. “Since we’ve been out on the road, we’ve been jamming out a little bit more. It’s good and bad, but we’re turning into a little bit of a jam band.”The Smooth Pursuit produced their first album, “Introducing The Smooth Pursuit,” themselves.”Our live show is the main thrust of this band. The number-one priority to us is that we want everyone to know that we’re a live band,” said Whelan. “We have this album that we made ourselves. And we’re hocking it out here on the road, but the whole point is to play in front of people.”According to Whelan, the coolest thing that’s happened so far is the band earned themselves some hotel rooms for playing spontaneously at a cocktail bar.”We jump all around and get real crazy, have a few cocktails and put on a really good live show,” said Whelan. “I think Colorado, overall, will be a good audience for us.”The Smooth Pursuit starts the free show at 8150 tonight at 10 in Vail.

The Smooth PursuitTonight, 108150, Vail VillageAndrew Harley can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 610, or at Daily, Vail Colorado

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