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Get your facts straight

This is a response to John Hannon’s statements regarding immigrants past, present and future. (See the Feb. 9 edition of The Vail Trail.)

It is indeed true that immigration is acceptable, however, when illegal immigration that is left uncontrolled becomes the wave, then any nation’s sovereignty will become frail. I do not care about how bleak economic conditions are in Mexico etc., it is not an American problem, but it is becoming an American problem when people who come here illegally and who have no concept of our laws, let alone a desire to learn the English language, do so. Legal immigration is fine and respect for our borders and laws is required. Except for doing jobs that require minimal skill and education, most people south of our border who come here simply retain the basic culture and caliber that has been entrenched in their mentality from where they came. This is a fact and it has absolutely no overtones relative to racism or discrimination, which advocates of illegal immigration would generally declare. We are a nation of laws and those laws incorporate immigration laws, which have been grossly violated. The trickle of illegal immigrants is no longer that, but much rather a deluge that is no longer acceptable to law abiding, tax paying American citizens. Those who have come here illegally were never asked to do so and they came under their own volition, therefore they can pay for their own way back to where they came from and along with it, take their diseases, including a drug resistant form of TB.

So I say this to Mr Hannon, get your facts straight, your head screwed on right and learn Spanish if you wish to live in Mexico.

Vincent P Johnson

Brick, N.J.

Boy is John Hannon out of touch with reality! (“Immigration’s past, present and future” in the Feb. 9, edition of The Vail Trail.) Does Hannon have blinders on?

The difference between his Irish ancestors and Mexican illegal aliens are these two words: ENTERING LEGALLY.

Most Europeans entered the U.S. legally screened through Ellis Island.

Very few Mexican immigrants are entering the U.S. through legal channels and THAT is the difference.

Today I read of a van full of illegal Mexicans fleeing our Border Patrol and crashing into the Arizona desert. Is this how Irish immigrants entered this country? I don’t think so!

We also have the problem of Mexican illegal aliens having children in the U.S. that have total loyalty toward their parents’ homeland instead of their birthright nation.

If you don’t believe me check out and ask to see the photos of the Baldwin Park California uprising of May 14, 2005 by illegal aliens and their supporters. Not only were American citizens attacked, but our American flag was desecrated.

The video will shock every American that views it!

Thank you,

Priscilla Espinoza

Nuevo, Calif.

Letter writer John Hannon writes, “I think that Mexican immigrants come to the United States for the same reasons that we, or our ancestors, did . ..”

I disagree. Our ancestors came for a different reason. They came here first to be Americans and second, they came to work hard. Illegal aliens come here to colonize this country and to harvest the bounty of taxpayer-funded social services the corrupt politicians offer them. Past immigrants didn’t send money to the “old country.”

Mexicans send billions every year. Not-so-poor Mexicans are coming here, and moreover, they are leaving jobs in Mexico to come to the U.S. This is evident in the tons of trash they leave in the Arizona desert as they camp in groups of 100 or more, waiting for their smugglers to bring them to U.S. cities. American volunteers who clean this rubble mixed with human waste, report finding clothing of excellent quality and used Mexican airline tickets.

When I visited my native South America in 1998, the word was out that the Americans were giving away their country. People from all over Latin America want to come to strip-mine the U.S.

These “immigrants” are not like those immigrants of the past, who came here to escape social injustice and persecution. This new kind of illegal “immigrant” is resentful of those who exploit them in the U.S. and they have no desire to become part of this country. The proof is they don’t want to learn our language and they don’t want to assimilate in our society. Future generations of Americans will pay for this new form of slavery.

Haydee Pavia

Laguna Woods, Calif.

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Nice yoga story

(See “Go on a bender” in the Feb. 9 edition of The Vail Trail.) Well written and very informative. I’ve always preferred Vinyasa … but now will probably try a different style. Keep it up!!

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Almost agree with you

(See “Immigration’s past, present and future in the Feb. 9 edition of The Vail Trail.) Ummm … but my ancestors came here legally – keyword: legal … most of ours (American) did in fact … other than that, I agree with you!

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