Getting crunchy in Minturn |

Getting crunchy in Minturn

Wren Wertin
The Crispy Critters distinguish themselves from other mountain jam bands with their sexy sax sound.

Playing in Phish-meets-Jimmy-Buffet style, they describe themselves as mountain rock. The Denver-based band is a 30-something group of musicians who bonded over a shared love of the varied music spawned by the ’60s.

They are Dave Hunt (vocals, lead guitar), Mike Studeny (vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica, alto sax), Mike “Spanky” McCluer (bass), Tom Piercy (drums), Paul “D. Pos” Cohen (tenor and soprano sax) and CR Gruver (keys, organ, vocals). In all promotional materials they promise a “fun-filled-bootie-shakin’ party.” As they sing in “But Lately,” “I want to share my groove with you, well you got to move.”

And in order to facilitate their grooves, they’re big fans of bootlegging at their shows. They don’t even make their fans work for them, as they offer downloadable shows on their official Web site (

Their debut album, “Mountain Mayhem,” gives a taste of both their jam-happy instrumentals and lyrical originals. When they begin to sound like any other party band, the sax and drums save the day and keep it interesting.

The Live! in Minturn concert series offers people a chance to party for a cause. All proceeds from the door are given to the Minturn Community Fund, which doles out the dough for specific community projects.

Crispy Critters hit the stage at Chili Willy’s at 9. For more information on the series visit

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