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Getting deep with Deepak

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Dear Ms. Schnell.Your article on whole health was excellent (see “Health for body, mind and soul,” at, March 17 edition).In the last 20 years I have moved to the Vail Valley four times but always seemed to have my health and another major surgery take me back to my family in Pittsburgh.Now through the miracles of Yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic medicine I am in complete control of my health. It was all thanks to Deepak Chopra, M.D., he is the founder of the Chopra Center for Complementary Medicine. He is an internationally acclaimed speaker and best selling author, whose books, have been translated into 30 Languages. Dr. Chopra and the Chopra Center not only taught me how to heal myself, but also personally trained and certified me to teach his Creating Health course, and his Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga classes. This makes me one of the few in the world certified to teach both these courses.So what’s this have to do with your article? After many days of trying to decide of where I can share and give back to a community the things I have learned, I decided that number five could be the lucky number for me, and was wondering if Yoga is even in Vail yet … and wouldn’t you know that there on the homepage was your story not a coincidence. I hope that my daughter Lily and I become a part of your community this summer, and I get a chance to share what Deepak has taught me with others.Thank you,Rick FreemanChoprainstructor@aol.comFun with flyingHi Elizabeth,I read your article about pilots (see “A tribute to the unsung heroes of spring break,” at, March 17 edition). And I live on Sanibel and have a 10-year-old. Last year we flew to Colorado so my son could see snow for the first time.We took Frontier Airlines and I was absolutely amazed that they not only let the kids in the cockpit, but sat them in the pilots and copilots seats and put their captains hats on them.Jet Blue pilots, too, are very gracious and will, if time permits allow kids to have a good look at the cockpit. Further, they let them flip any switches they wanted to and never yelled, even took time to tell them what each area of the dashboard did.I, too, remember flying when I was young, on Delta and having a similar experience. It made a big impact. Although I never became a pilot, I have great respect for my friends that are pilots. Think of it: It’s the only job in the world where you have to have a 100 percent success rate. That’s discipline at the highest order. Your takeoff rate must equal your landing rate exactly 100 percent or you have a serious problem.I could not resist writing to you to let you know that kids can and are still able to have those cockpit memories even in today’s environment.Paul PrimeauxSanibel Island

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