Getting rid of the war guilt |

Getting rid of the war guilt

Matt Zalaznick
Vail, CO Colorado

Dear war supporter,

Go ahead, call Iraq “The War on Terror” if it makes you feel better, if it makes you feel like the death and violence in the Middle East have any purpose.

Repeat the Bushian nonsense of “fighting them over there, before we fight them over here” if it helps you pretend our actions in Iraq ” including toppling and humiliating Saddam ” haven’t made the world a more dangerous place and the United States a weaker, less credible country.

Keep fooling yourselves about not being able to leave until we “win.” Nobody, not even you, seems to know what “win” means anymore.

You say we win when we install a stable democracy that won’t be overthrown the second we’re gone. But nobody seems to have any hope that we’ll roll out of Baghdad just as some local, selfless Thomas Jefferson is putting the finishing touches on a Bill of Rights that treats Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds equally, and offers to share oil revenues.

Nobody seems to have much hope we’re going to install any semblance of American democracy there, no matter how many purple fingers are flashed for news cameras.

Seems the best outcome most people are hoping for is to leave behind a bloody civil war that’s won by some government that doesn’t suck up to Iran ” at least, not too much. Our policy for now seems to be “anybody but Moktada.”

So are we staying there for revenge? Do we want to nail all the insurgents who killed Americans?

Or are W. and Darth just that eager to see all of Iraq’s oil go to Iran, which will happen once the ayatollahs pounce on the profound instability we’ve created. They’ll absorb the oil, use it to bully us into allowing them to have the bomb and probably use their proxy militias to ethnically cleanse the Sunnis while they’re at it.

If that happens, W. and Darth will have a good excuse for spreading the chaos to Tehran before Inauguration Day, 2009 ” call it their “do over” war. But the ayatollahs do have weapons of mass destruction and when they launch them at Tel Aviv, we won’t be able to keep Israel out of that war to prevent our Arab allies from counter-invading the Jewish homeland.

Keep trying to fool me about why we can’t bring the troops home ” keep insisting that if we pull out the “terrorists win.”

But which terrorists are we fighting in Iraq? It’s not al-Qaida or Hamas or Hezbollah or Basque Separatists and even Branch Davidians. The “terrorists” in Iraq are, according to most reports, either Iraqis who want us to leave or Iraqis who want to murder their neighbors.

The only “terrorists” in Iraq are the ones we’ve inspired to kill us. They’re not some international jihadi army ” like Osama’s Afghanistan legion ” that has drawn fanatical Muslims from every corner of the globe just to have their hatred for America diverted from our unguarded ports and nuclear plants.

And even if the your lies about al-Qaida being behind the insurgency were true, they could certainly spare 20 or so maniacs to hide out in Milwaukee and plan something horrible on the homefront.

Some might argue Osama has already “won.” What more could he have hoped for after Sept. 11 than to provoke us into ransacking an innocent Muslim country?

And where’s the national interest in all of this? Perhaps you think things are so bad in Iraq that the U.S. military has to stay there to prevent World War III from breaking out. If that’s the case, we’ll need more than a 21,000-troop surge to keep Iran from nuking Saudi Arabia or to stop Israel from laying waste to Tehran.

So keep accusing me of being naive to threats from the evil-doers.

Because, along with the 3,000 dead Americans and the 90-per-day Iraqi-civilian death rate, that’s one of the main reasons we hate this war ” because W. has sent our military to get cut up in a religious gang fight while real dangers in the world are becoming more dangerous.

And not all of those perils are dirty bombs or Chinese missiles. But there’s so much less money to be made fighting the war on pollution or global warming ” unless some military contractor can figure out how a stealth bomber can be used profitably in a county recycling program.

Assistant Managing Editor Matt Zalaznick can be reached at 748-2926, or out his blog at

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