Getting to know…Katie Brazelton |

Getting to know…Katie Brazelton

Lauren Glendenning
photo by Theo Stroomer

Katie Brazelton is the Vail Valley Foundation’s new director of education. The job is new for the foundation, but it’s familiar territory for Brazelton, who left her job at Vail Mountain School where she wore many hats. In her new role, she plans to meet with directors at local nonprofits to make sure the valley is taking care of its youth. She’s excited about her new opportunity to continue her love both for education and for working with children.

When I went to college I got a general liberal arts education. When I got accepted to graduate school (in education) I still wasn’t sure. My first day in a classroom with kids is when it solidified I was in the right spot.

The main purpose is to be able to share what I’ve learned, and all my interests and passions, with children; and to give them opportunities, to expand their horizons and their perspectives on the world around them. I want to give them as many opportunities as possible.

We need to keep our focus on the needs of the youth in the valley, (and part of my new job will be determining) what that might mean. There are a lot of current programs, but it’s really a matter of trying to expand programs. I’ll have a much better idea of the specific goals in a couple of weeks.

The community there; it was such a nice, cohesive community ” a really nice working environment.

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I’ve lived in the valley four years. I wanted to be here for the lifestyle. I ride my bike, I ski ” pretty much anything in the Rocky Mountains I thrive on.

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