Getting to know … Vonah Ditus |

Getting to know … Vonah Ditus

Lauren Glendenning
Dominique TaylorVonah Ditus is surrounded by all kinds of beautiful colors and tempting smells in her job as the flower lady at the Village Market in Edwards.

You may know Vonah Ditus as the flower lady at the Village Market in Edwards. Since she was 8 years old, Ditus has been in love with flowers and plants. Her family didn’t have much money when she was growing up, so she figured out how to pinch buds off other plants and flowers and plant them herself. Before she knew it she had a room full of flowers.

Ditus says plants and flowers are just good for health and happiness, and she thinks they’re especially good for the soul. Stop by and talk to her for a few minutes and she’ll have you convinced that flowers have the ability to change your life.

Maybe it’s the old flower child in me. They’re my passion. I notice them on TV commercials ” I’ll see them in the background (and can identify what kind they are). It’s something that makes my heart feel good. … I’ve always adored flowers. They’re in my blood. I never really thought I could do anything with it (as a career).

I’m the floral manager. I try to get customers into growing plants. I give advice and tips. I specialize in getting unusual things in for people. I also do flower arrangements and I’m doing some weddings now, too.

I saw an ad in the paper five years ago ” they wanted someone part-time for the flower department. … I’ve changed it into what I think is one of the best flower shops in the valley.

I get to share flowers with people and make them smile, and make them stop for a while and enjoy something beautiful. I don’t think we do that enough in this world. I love to give flowers away to little kids ” that gives me so much joy.

I love anything that’s artistic. I have a candle-making business on the side. I do hand-painted candles, with flowers of course. I like to go hiking (with my children) and of course we like to observe all the wildflowers on our hikes.

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