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Gifts for Eagle County graduates

Sarah MausolfVail CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyMake a scrapbook on canvas for your graduate. These examples are on display at Scully's Art Office and Drafting in Eagle-Vail.

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado Nothing is more withering than a teenagers eye roll. With high school graduations approaching, opportunities abound for parents and family friends to render themselves totally uncool.Slipping some cash into that card for your graduate can lower your lame factor, but that kind of bribe is so … obvious. Check out the gift guide below.None of these suggestions come straight from the dorks at the Vail Daily. I asked real live seniors what they want for graduation. Our lawyers cautioned us against listing a case of beer in here but the rest of these presents are 100-percent senior approved.Show your beloved graduate how much you care with one of these gifts, and youll have them texting, OMG! in appreciation.

iHome: $$ Most students already have iPods, but many of them are clamoring for an iHome. This is an iPod charger that also serves as a stereo and alarm clock. Wal-Mart sells them for $99.86.Espresso Maker: $$$ A shot of caffeine can get your college student through that all-night cram session. Starbucks in Avon and Edwards sell a variety of espresso machines. The Starbucks Sirena goes for $399 while the Ascaso Dream sells for $299.99 and the more modestly-priced Via Venezia is $199.Bed accessories: $$ Several students said they wanted gift certificates to places where they can buy sheets. They named Anthropologie ( and Bed Bath and Beyond ( as examples. Sheets pictured on Anthropologies Web site range from $148 to $168.Shower accessories: $ Theres nothing like hosing down in an icky, dont-touch-the-walls shower. Dorm life is about giving up luxuries like hygienic bathrooms. Help students cope by giving them a carrier for their shampoo, conditioner and shaving cream (Basket Shower Totes are $9.99 at If you know the graduates shoe size, include a pair of cheap flip-flops to shield their feet from tile grime.Laptop: $$$$ Armed with a laptop, incoming college students can do their homework in the library or at that quaint coffee shop. One senior said he asked for a MacBook. At just 3/4 of an inch thick, the MacBook Air is the skinniest laptop on the market. Cost ranges from $1,799 to $3,098. Locals can buy it at the Apple store in the Cherry Creek Mall in Denver, 3,000 E. 1st Ave. or order it by calling 1-800-MY-APPLE or visiting If youre looking for a cheaper model, Wal-mart in Avon is selling an HP Pavilion laptop for $698 through May 26.

Disclaimer: Seniors have not specifically authorized these gifts. Nonetheless, they are flying off the shelves at local stores.Books: $ Keep their brains sharp over the summer with some light reading. At the Bookworm of Edwards in Edwards, popular titles for graduates are Oh, the Places Youll Go, by Dr. Seuss, 101 Things to do with Ramen Noodles, by Toni Patrick and Intellectual Devotional, a collection of 365 daily lessons on topics like history, literature and music.Cameras: $$ Gift-givers are snapping up cameras at Wal-Mart, assistant manager Mike Barrett said. Popular models include the Sony Cyber-Shot DcS-S730 ($129.84) and the Kodak Easy Share V1073 with a touch-screen ($249.84). Class Rings: $ – $$$$ Customers are designing class rings at Wal-Mart, Barrett said. Rings can include school colors or mascots, along with engravings that capture the graduates interests (drama and baseball are examples). Costs range from $50 to $850.

Megan Howard, editor-in-chief of, suggests these gifts for incoming college students.Laundry kit: $ Wait a minute mom isnt going to do my laundry anymore? Curb panic with the How to Do Laundry Guide & Laundry Bags. ($24.95 on $$ An alarm doesnt work if you keep pressing snooze all day. Clocky is an alarm clock that jumps off the nightstand and wheels around the room, forcing you to get up instead of hitting snooze forever (about $50 on speakers: $$: Spyro speakers are so darn cute. Available in pink, teal, white and black, these flower-shaped speakers have an innocent-looking subwoofer. They work with laptops, iPods and CD or Mp3 players (about $130 on

Ah, memories. Several senior girls said they plan to corral their photos into scrapbooks or collages for friends. Here are some creative variations on the scrapbook.Jumbo scrapbook: $ If youre looking to get crafty, try these ideas from Deb Scully, owner of Scullys Art Office and Drafting in Eagle-Vail. Instead of arranging photos in a book, try scrapbooking on a canvas (12-by-16-inch to 16-by-20-inch canvases works best and cost $9 to $12). Students can hang the finished product in their dorm rooms.Personalized scrabook pages: $ Localize your scrabook with high-school specific pages. Scullys sells a black scrapbook page with the phrase Battle Mountain Huskies and the Husky logo, along with an Eagle Valley High School page with spaces for photos ($3.75 each).Signed picture frames: $ Have friends autograph a picture of your graduate. Picture frames at Scullys Art Office and Drafting come with plenty of room for signatures and a pen (about $15 to $20).Digital picture frames: $$ So many pictures, so little wall space in that dorm room. Barrett suggests loading photos onto a digital picture frame. Images appear as a slideshow. Wal-mart sells the picture frames for $67 to $195.Message for the future: $ For my graduation, I received a message in a bottle from my close girlfriend. She gave one to each of the six girls in our group of friends with stern instructions: Dont open this for five years.Five years later, I smashed open the bottle with a hammer (it was designed so you had to smash it) and pulled out a scroll with my friends familiar cursive. She had penned inside jokes from fifth grade, predictions about my life scary accurate and advice. It was a lot of fun to read.High Life Writer Sarah Mausolf can be reached at 970-748-2938 or

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