Gifts of the season |

Gifts of the season

Don RogersDaily Managing Editor

The holiday season – between powder runs and shopping – is a good time to take stock.It starts with Thanksgiving, which invites us to count those blessings as well as the calories in the feast. The countdown to Christmas is a time for gift giving – praise and criticism both qualify. Later, with New Year’s we look ahead at how we’ll better tackle the coming year.Elizabeth Chicoine today runs through her 10 most fascinating people and invites all of us to do the same. Who makes your list? It’s a fascinating exercise in itself. Ombudsman Andy Stone today offers thoughtful, if extended, criticism of the role of commentary in the bruising (aren’t they all in Vail?) campaign over the conference center. No question, our critics in life serve that essential function of sharpening our work and our habits like no amount of praise ever would.But hey, praise has its place, and we have some fine role models in our communities. The various citizen of the year honors highlight a few.Congratulations to Jon Jon Asper and the Greater Eagle Fire Protection District, Diana Donovan, Tenie Chicoine and Pepi Gramshammer for their recognition by local and in Pepi’s case, Austrian, groups. Each has been very active in his or her chosen way for a long time toward the betterment of the community.Taking stock of their finer qualities, and using that in our own lives, would be a big gift indeed. Vail, Colorado

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