Ginn bike path needs work |

Ginn bike path needs work

Steve LynnVail CO, Colorado

MINTURN-Lynn Feiger thinks the Ginn Development Co.’s proposed bike path would provide a tremendous service to Minturn-if Ginn would make some changes to it. Feiger and others want more from Ginn’s proposed bike path that would stretch from Minturn to Gilman. In addition to building a private ski resort, golf course and 1,700 homes and condominiums, the company would pay for the path. Ginn should finance a trail from Minturn to Red Cliff then to Dowd Junction, proponents say. “It would be a beautiful, wonderful experience for cyclists,” said Feiger, chair of the Minturn Bicycle Trail Committee.Ginn’s plan lacks specifics on the bike path, said Dick Cleveland, chairman for Eagle Valley ECO Trails. ECO Trails constructs trails funded by sales tax collected in eastern Eagle County. “If you look at the [plan], it says there will be some sort of trail and it will be built sometime-there’s no specificity,” Cleveland said. If Minturn wants a bike path, the town’s government should tell Ginn what it wants, when it should be built and where, he said. Ginn should build the path before construction of the development, so that people could avoid the increased traffic the development would bring on Highway 24, he said. The path should follow the platform of the old Highway 24-west of Highway 24-instead of cutting through undeveloped land, as Ginn has proposed, Feiger and Cleveland said. Ginn does not own that land but the company would “work with them on it to the extent that we can,” said Cliff Thompson, spokesman for Ginn. Ginn wants to put utilities below the bike path, he said.Ginn has not determined its cost, but the 10- to 12-foot paved path would run east of Highway 24 from Minturn to Gilman, Thompson said. The path would climb almost 1,000 feet, he said. Regardless of the trail’s design, the prospect of a bike path shows that Ginn is willing to work with Minturn to improve the town, said Jim Popeck, owner of Mountain Pedaler in Minturn. “I just like the idea that someone’s proposing something for the good of the community,” he said. Staff Writer Steve Lynn can be reached at 748-2931 or

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