Ginn, Minturn hiding resort details |

Ginn, Minturn hiding resort details

Frank Lorenti
Vail, CO, Colorado

Ginn’s golf course will take more than 8 hours to play. On the very first line of his fact sheet that he sent to people in Minturn, he states, ” Battle Mountain development will include a private ski area and golf course …”. In Ordinance 10, Recitals, it says:

“Whereas, it is the intent of Ginn to develop the Property as a planned unit development (“PUD”) mixed-use project (“Project”) which will include up to 36 holes of private golf course facilities….”

Let it be known that I am a hacker when it comes to golf, but every golf course that I have ever played on, are exactly 18 holes, not 15, not 24, etc. There are some small courses that are nine holes that you would play twice. Maybe someone out there can tell me if Tiger Woods has ever played on a 34-hole golf course.

The simple true fact is 36 holes are two golf courses, not one, or to be fair, it could be four nine-hole courses. Bottom line, when you say golf course most people assume 18 holes, and Ginn and the Minturn Town Council hope that this is what the people of Minturn will assume. That is why they never state, in their fact sheet, golf course of 36 holes, because that sounds like two golf courses, which sounds like a much bigger development than if you only say one golf course.

Let me help Ginn out here and rewrite his first fact line:

Participate in The Longevity Project

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“Battle Mountain development will include a private ski area and two 18-hole golf courses…”

Doesn’t that sound a lot more like the truth from Ordinance 10 of, “up to 36 holes”?

Minturnites, this is what I have been trying to inform you of. This developer and the town are trying to hide the true facts from you. His very first line contains misinformation.

Ginn is essentially saying, take the money I am giving you, do not worry about what I plan to build, or how I go about it.

On the second page, Traffic Management and Control, the town can, if they want, red-tag Ginn’s houses. Red-tag means halting development. What they conveniently leave out, is that the town cannot red-tag private homes:


“The approximately 450 homes of the 1,700 total units that may be developed by individual property owners are not subject to this provision.”

Also, that the town does not have to impose any penalties or fines, zero dollars, on Ginn’s buildings:


“Taking no action.”

These penalties are for if he goes over the number of vehicle trips per day, through Minturn, and all this is based on a self-policing plan. I guess Ginn will tell the town if he breaks these rules:


“Self-policing program that will ensure that project construction traffic does not exceed the metrics and measures established in Section 3.”

Under this same self-policing idea, I would like all the people that speed through Minturn to self-police themselves and walk into the Minturn police station and report themselves, thank you.

I could list more here but please go for a complete list of items that Ginn and the town are trying to hide from us.

We are still gathering signatures for the referendum petition and would like to have well over the required 73. Please call me at 827-4010. We only have until April 7, to turn in the referendum petition, so we need your signatures as soon as possible.

If you do not want to sign and bring this to a vote, please in two years do not write letters to the editor complaining about the Ginn traffic, sewer smell, toxic waste, buying up forest land and developing high density projects on them, or Ginn’s 195-foot tall building.

This is the only opportunity we will have to have a say on Ginn’s project.

Town Council refuses to do what is in the best interest of the citizens. We must force this to a vote of the citizens and get all of the information, so that we can make an informed decision.

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