Ginn responds to concerns |

Ginn responds to concerns

Steve Lynn
Vail CO, Colorado

MINTURN ” Red Cliff wanted the Ginn Development Co. and Minturn’s attention Wednesday night ” and it got it.

The meeting contained three acts: Red Cliff residents’ skeptical comments, Ginn representatives deft response and the Minturn Planning and Zoning Commission’s detailed questions and recommendations.

Previous meetings were mostly one-sided ” the action has consisted of the Ginn Development Co. presenting or the public commenting. This time, the meeting resembled a discussion, one that kept reverting to the concerns of Red Cliff residents.

The company wants to build 500 homes, 1,200 condominiums and a private ski resort on more than 5,300 acres of private land on Battle Mountain and south of Minturn.

Most of the handful of residents who commented lived in Red Cliff. Ruth Borne, town attorney and planner for Red Cliff, distributed a petition to commissioners signed by nineteen residents who objected to the proposed annexation.

She said to the half-full room that the petition’s goal was to gain Minturn and Ginn’s attention.

“We need to be taken into consideration if it’s going to impact us,” Borne said during the intermission.

Ron Mitchell, Red Cliff resident, said that the company had failed to involve Red Cliff.

“They are prepared to turn our quality of life upside down for their own needs,” he said.

Mitchell and others voiced frustrations that ranged from what they said was Red Cliff’s lack of input in the approval process to the town’s limited opportunity to annex some of the land.

In the final hour, commissioners asked Ginn representatives about Red Cliff’s concerns.

Bill Weber, senior vice president of the company, said that the company was “very committed” Red Cliff. When commissioners asked about increased traffic in Red Cliff, Weber said he would post company security there to force employees to travel via Colorado Highway 24 to Willow Creek, the proposed employee housing nearby, if Red Cliff desired.

Residents have said they worry about employees cutting through the town instead of using Highway 24, as company has said its employees would.

Dominic Mauriello, planner for the company, said that the company had begun working on a traffic study in Red Cliff. The company’s previous traffic study focused on Minturn.

Weber said after the meeting that the company would continue to meet with the people of Red Cliff to negotiate.

“We’ve talked to them, we want to talk with them more,” he said. “We’ve partnered with them, we want to partner with them more.”

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