Ginn up front about ‘impacts’ |

Ginn up front about ‘impacts’

Don Rogers

The Ginn Co. is trying hard to show it knows that building on Battle Mountain includes “impacts.”So you can imagine the impact of the word “no” added by mistake by the reporter capturing a key quote last week saying as much. Developer Bobby Ginn actually said, “… bring tremendous benefits to, but have impacts on, this authentic Colorado town.” Not “no impacts on, …”One little word can make all the difference, as a chagrined and chastened writer learned Friday after punching out a story about Ginn’s bid for Minturn to begin annexing his thousands of acres that may include 1,700 homes, a private ski resort and golf course.But he’ll have lots of opportunity to get it right and keep it right over the next few years. Ginnturn, as we’ve come to call it, will be the prime concern of the town of 1,000 for quite awhile.Editorially, we do indeed have a dark opinion of what a truly private Vail on steroids would do to Minturn. That’s gorgeous, wild country on Battle Mountain today. Seven-hundred more homes than people in the current town is going to come with more traffic and other “impacts,” as well as those goodies for the townsfolk and government.We’d really like to see the “we’ve hit the jackpot” Town Council learn the word, and use it often. The townsfolk, too.But the developers so far are being straightforward and upright, perhaps to a fault. They are doing it right. We don’t have to like their plan to see that much.Vail, Colorado

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