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Ginn’s a good man

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It’s an interesting and well written story (see “An expansive expansion,” at, March 3 edition). People who may fear Bobby Ginn’s intentions for developing the Gilman land simply don’t know the man. I predict they will be very pleasantly pleased to find he is both fair and reasonable when dealing with sensitive issues like those presented in the article. I have known him for 20 years, and most importantly, he is a man of his word. Minturn and Eagle County are fortunate the development of Gilman is in Ginn’s hands.Jim PetersAtlanta, Ga.Not everyone is behind conference centerJust a note from a Vail elected official to publicly state my continued concern with the representations being made on behalf of the Town of Vail concerning the conference center.Recently, Mayor Slifer wrote a long letter, not approved by the rest of council, stating it is all but a done deal. Nothing could be further from the truth.The council has NEVER reviewed the proposal in its entirety. A steering committee was appointed by the Vail Town Council to verify the financial numbers used during the election to determine whether this is a financially viable alternative for the Town of Vail. Regardless of the election, the council is required by law to be financially responsible especially when government is starting a new business.At our last meeting, financial numbers representing the capital costs of the entire project were presented that were so meaningless that not one question was asked by any council member. I believe that is symbolic of how this process is going.The council has not yet been presented with any of the risks of this new business. These risks are believed to be enormous by most people I talk with and not worth taking. There are so many ways to increase our visitor numbers, with almost no risk, but we, the council, have never discussed those either.Few, if any, of the questions I have asked have been addressed.It is time for those concerned about the project to demand answers that make sense. If the answers don’t make sense then it is time NOW to object publicly. There are several public meetings coming up so you can start to get informed. The only thing I know for sure is that this proposal for a new business NEVER has a positive cash flow. That alone should be reason for concern for everyone.Upcoming meetings are as follows:Friday, March 18, 8:30 10 a.m. Vail Library Community RoomThursday, March 24 5 6:30 p.m.Vail Library Community RoomDiana DonovanVail Town Council

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