Girly girls, sometimes |

Girly girls, sometimes

Wren Wertin

“It will cure the football widow,” she said.

It’s a bit like a tupperware party with clothes, hair products and massage goodies replacing plastic containers. The concept is about gathering women for a few hours of girly camaraderie, putting a cosmopolitan and some appetizers in their hands, and letting them loose with a heap of clothes from the West Coast. The selection runs from the practical (jeans, knit sweaters) to the impractical (wispy, frothy peasant blouses, itty bitty wraps) and everything in between (fur-cuffed jean jackets, sleek pants).

“I like basics with a twist, or trend light,” said Dozier. “For example, taking corduroys and adding some embroidery. It has to fit the woman, but it can’t be totally trendy.”

She’s been creating these parties since she lived in L.A., hosting them in offices and homes. This is the first such party in Vail, and she and Club Chelsea are hoping to bring it back the first Monday of every month.

“Girls get together, drink wine and get naked,” she said.

There will be no men on the premises during the three-hour event, not even as staff. It’s about honoring girls, said Dozier, and letting them have fun and be goofy.

“We always feel better afterwards,” she added.

Dozier can size a person immediately upon meeting them, and has lots of experience helping women decide on a look. She offers many fashion-related services, including closet organization and style make-overs. She particularly likes going through a person’s closet and then helping them buy a few things to update the entire collection. She’s been interested in clothes since birth, so she’s had plenty of practice honing her skills.

Fifteen years in the garment industry in L.A. has helped, too. She began the clothing parties when she realized women were too busy to shop for themselves.

“So I thought, what about bringing clothes to them?” she said. “I had the buying disease already. I just had to make it work for me.”

She’s hoping her clothes are appealing enough to induce other women to exercise that buying muscle.

“It’s about scratching the itch, and girls getting together,” she said.

For those unable to come, Dozier is available by appointment. For more information call her at 476-5432 or 390-9555. The party lasts from 6-9 p.m., at which time men will be admitted to Club Chelsea.

Wren Wertin can be reached via e-mail at or phone at 949-0555 ext. 618.

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