Give me spring fever fashion |

Give me spring fever fashion

Gabrie HigbieVail CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily A vintage tee from Target, paired with a white long sleeve T-shirt, is a perfect wardrobe accent for spring.

It’s this time of year that my winter wardrobe begins to drive me crazy. I lose all creativity from wearing sweaters and down jackets for way too long. I’ve got the mid-winter fashion blues – otherwise known as spring fever.The problem is stores forget we live in a high mountain climate. Right now they’re offering tank tops paired with linen pants or skirts, but we experience winter for most of the year. So how does one take their love of fresh fashion through to the spring when our temperatures are still hovering around freezing? At this point in the year, my philosophy is fashion rules need not apply. If you want to wear pastels – wear them. If you feel the need for white pants – wear them. Give yourself that freedom. If you saw someone wearing a pair of white jeans paired with a camel colored sweater coat with great boots, you would think she looked great. You would think she had, what I like to call, fashion chutzpa, or the gumption to wear what is different. For spring, be creative and pull out all the stops. I am inspired by color. I put on my baby blue trousers paired with a black cashmere turtleneck and black boots, and it works. This is also the time to pull out skirts and dresses and start showing some leg. All you need is tights, a sweater and some boots.

I also believe in layering. For those of us longing to expose skin and buy some cute t-shirts, a long-sleeved white t-shirt underneath is all you need. My favorite place for tees is Target. The lingerie section has tissue-cotton Tees, perfect for layering. Make spring fever fashion fun. It can be tricky, but is very rewarding when done right. Keep looking forward. The warm weather is not too far away.

1. Two white layering tees from Target2. Two pairs of warm black tights. One wool, one lycra.3. One white button down cotton shirt.4. One denim or khaki mini skirt.5. A cute printed t-shirt or two.

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