Give the gift of books to family and friends this holiday season |

Give the gift of books to family and friends this holiday season

The Bookworm's Give 15 Program is designed to encourage children to read and make literacy a priority.
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EDWARDS — The Bookworm of Edwards will again offer its “Give 15” program. Knowledgeable booksellers will select a book to send to a recipient for the holiday, plus every other month, all year long, all based on their specific preferences.

“This is really the easiest way to give,” says Bookworm owner Nicole Magistro. “We started the program to help people give something meaningful without all the brain damage.”

To enroll a loved one in Give 15, customers complete a profile, select a budget and determine how many gifts they’d like to give. Then, booksellers select and send the perfect reads. Typically, for children’s books, a paperback program costs between $10 and $15 month, and for hardcover books, between $22 and $25 per month. Each subscription comes with gift wrapping, shipping and handling — plus an emailed notification to the giver.

The best part of this program is that it is completely customized. If, for example, your granddaughter wants to be a statistician, then books relating to science and math will be selected each month. If your mother gardens like a mad-woman, then she will be thrilled to receive books about roses that grow where she lives.

Charlene Koegel, a former educator, registered a friend’s five-year-old daughter.

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“I was thrilled to sign-up and start the process,” she recalls.

Her young reader has kept her books, providing a wonderful start to her own library. And if she already has a title The Bookworm sends, then the book can be exchanged. To avoid this problem, The Bookworm staff picks from new releases when possible.

After a year of giving, Koegel recently renewed her subscription.

“I will continue to have books sent to my little 5-year-old friend and, as her reading improves, The Bookworm will adjust the book choices. Plus, the folks at The Bookworm are warm and friendly.”

The program is designed to encourage children to read and make literacy a priority. It also adjusts to the busy schedules of families, allowing parents to receive books for their children without the time-consuming vetting process.

Although most of the approximately 60 people enrolled are children, The Bookworm welcomes recipients of any age. If you know a bibliophile of the adult variety, then this is the perfect gift for Christmas or a birthday.

Give 15 can start any time during the year, to accommodate any giving schedule. In most programs, depending on the price range, three books are sent during the recipient’s birthday month, two books are given during December and one book is shipped all other months.

The giver is not forgotten in this process. A 10 percent discount is applied to the cover price of each book sent. For those who wish to discuss books with recipients, a list of discussion topics is provided. This system works well for parents and grandparents who want to engage with young readers but do not have time to read the books.

For more information about this program, contact The Bookworm of Edwards at 970-926-7323.

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