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Glam gets the girl

Laura A. Ball
Laura A. Ball/Vail DailyHand-beaded and embroidered blouses, P.E. 101, $124, pair beautifully with jeans or gold pants if you want to make it more dressy.

You have a holiday party to attend this week. There’s just one problem: What will you wear?You want to look festive without looking like Bridget Jones in her Christmas jumper. Relax. You may have the perfect thing already sitting in your closet. We live in the mountains, and let’s face it, many of us have fabulous items in our wardrobes that don’t “get out” very often. If not, there are plenty of goods to be had from local merchants.First, make sure to ask about the dress code. Being over or underdressed is never comfortable, unless that is you like a lot of attention.

Second, glamour is in. Channel your inner ’40s film star. Even if the dress code is casual, a cute pair of jeans with a slinky blouse will get you there. The focus here being all about the silhouette. Be suggestive, but not revealing. If you’re going for a conservative elegant feel, a velvet blazer pairs beautifully with jeans or a fun, flowy skirt. For another casual look, put on tailored slacks, a fitted sweater (think of fabrics you want to touch) and add a jewel-encrusted broach, and you’re set. To mix it up a little, wear the broach in your hair.For a formal affair, think old Hollywood. Try a full-length satin dress with an elegant neckline, and wear your hair up. Old-fashioned romance

A simple black suit is always superb (tuxedo is still in). Look for a jacket that ties with a bow. If you’re pulling out a suit you already own, a big, chunky necklace or sparkly dangling earrings will keep it feminine. Or slip on a cocktail ring. And if you can’t afford the real stuff, you can get fun costume jewelry from the flea market or discount retailers. Remember that in this wintry season, color and texture are magnetic elements for evening attire. Think warm, jewel-toned colors: reds, chocolates, gold and especially green. Rich, soft texture gives you more than an every day look: fur, velvet and brocade.You can also make a statement with one eccentric piece. Try a fur vest or a fur caplet with a monochrome top and bottom. A fanciful scarf can set the mood, too, and is functional as well as fashionable. If you need something to carry your keys, lipstick and money, a hand-beaded or embroidered evening bag is the way to go with a simpler ensemble. A solid-colored leather clutch works with a detail-oriented ensemble.

In the mountains, we don’t always have the luxury of wearing shoes with a heel, but if you decide to be venturesome, the taller the better, but please nothing chunky. If you think your host might make you check your shoes at the door, you may want to think about how your ensemble will work without them.For inspiration, buy a fashion magazine, look for treasures hiding in your wardrobe, visit boutiques – but stick to what is comfortable for you. Confidence is the sexiest accessory you can carry.And if you want to truly show that you have style, bring a little something extra for the host. (Hint: It is always appropriate to bring wine or anything sweet)Staff Writer Laura A. Ball can be reached at (970) 949-0555, ext. 619, or Colorado

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