Glenwood mall deadly serious about Valentine’s Day |

Glenwood mall deadly serious about Valentine’s Day

Ryan Graff

GLENWOOD SPRINGS – Instead of starting their lives together browsing through jewelry stores for an engagement ring, young couples from Aspen to Grand Junction have the chance to start their lives together in a coffin.

The Glenwood Springs Mall is holding a contest to see which of five couples can spend the most time together in a coffin. The couple that can stand the coffin the longest will get a free engagement ring.

The mall is holding the contest to promote its retailers and draw people to the mall, said assistant mall manager, Sonia Davis.

Mall retailers made sure that the incentive to win the contest will be high. The winner gets a $1,150 diamond engagement ring, a luggage set, home appliances and other goods from mall retailers.

In a similar contest at a mall in New Jersey, the winning couple stayed in their coffin for 10 days, said assistant mall manager, Sonia Davis.

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Aside from the ring and other prizes, Davis said the contest will be good for the couples.

“If this is a person you’re going to stay with,” she said, “learn to communicate.”

The contestants will have plenty of time to communicate when they are in the coffin. No televisions, books, magazines or any other distractions are allowed.

“No entertainment other than your loved one,” said Davis.

Couples will be selected by a drawing at 2 p.m. on Friday. The couples will get in their coffins on Saturday at noon and stay there until they give up.

The “coffins” are actually double-wide pine boxes. The boxes have a lid, but it will stay open throughout the contest. The boxes will be on a stage in the middle of the mall for as long as the contestants last.

“You can stand up and stretch and move around, you just can’t leave the coffin,” said Davis.

Contestants will be allowed a bathroom break every two hours, and will sleep in their coffins at night, supervised by mall staff.

Radio station KMTS will interview the five couples once they are selected, said Davis.

Though the prizes for the contest are geared toward newlyweds, Davis said any couple can enter the contest.

One couple in their mid-70s has already dropped an application in the drawing box at the mall. The couple purchased wedding bands 30 years ago but never bought an engagement ring, said Davis.

“It’s hard to buy that diamond ring when you’re young,” Davis said.

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