Glenwood police probe rash of burglaries |

Glenwood police probe rash of burglaries

John Gardner
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado – A recent rash of burglaries has Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson concerned and asking residents to be on the lookout for anything suspicious.

Glenwood police have responded to 20 burglaries in the past two months.

“It appears that we have a couple different groups that are roaming and prowling,” Wilson said.

The recent rash of burglaries began with two residential break-ins on April 24. Since then, six more residences and 12 businesses have been burglarized.

Most of the burglaries didn’t yield more than a “few hundred” dollars in value, Wilson said.

Burglaries have been scattered around town, with homes being hit from the West Glenwood area to the Highland Park area southeast of downtown – the most recent being in the Oasis subdivision, north of the Land Rover Dealership on Sixth Street. Eight of the burglaries have happened since June 3.

Police have arrested one suspect involved in one, if not more, of the burglaries, but Wilson is certain more suspects are out there.

Police arrested Steven Morgan, 21, of Glenwood Springs about 1 a.m. on June 8 after police found a broken window at the Glenwood Elks Lodge, and Morgan inside.

“We had hoped that that arrest would end out little string of burglaries,” Wilson said. “However, that was on (June) 8, and we’ve since had burglaries on June 13 and 15, as well.”

Other businesses that have been burglarized recently include Peking Gardens, Chomps Deli, Big O Tires, Big Sid’s Liquors, Big John’s Lumber, Expresso drive up coffee shop on Grand Avenue, and Gentle Friends Veterinary Hospital.

Wilson said that while most of the businesses were targeted for money, most of the residential burglaries seemed to be “fairly specific” in targeting prescription medications, making the perpetrators more difficult to catch.

“If they are very specific and targeted like that, they don’t spend a lot of time digging and poking around,” he said. “They don’t make a lot of noise. They break in, check one or two spots and leave.”

There have been similar incidents in the past five to six years in which burglars were breaking in and taking prescription medications, Wilson said. What the police chief finds strange about this latest string of burglaries is that they’ve happened in the afternoon or early evening hours.

“They were all empty homes at that time, so we’re not sure, but it could be a possibility that someone is staking out the places, watching to see if people leave,” Wilson said.

Wilson added that the latest burglaries are odd in that both residences and businesses were being targeted, leading police to believe that multiple groups are responsible.

“We’ve had a string of occurrences, we don’t know how many bandits are out doing this but do think there is more than one person and more than one group,” he said.

He reminded residents to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity or anything out of the ordinary, and contact the police immediately.

“People need to practice really good home security measures,” Wilson said. “Neighbors need to communicate and let each other know about suspicious vehicles or people in their area.”

He also encourages residents to take precautions when leaving town, such as stopping mail and newspaper deliveries, and having someone check on a home while it’s empty.

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