Global warming is real |

Global warming is real

Re. “The sham of global warming” by Neil Muncaster

Dear Mr. Muncaster, you talk about hysteria according to global warming in the Vail Daily, March 25.

I would be glad, if you should be right and all the others wrong. So, you tell us that the thousands of scientists who measure global warming are stupid, but you know what’s going on.

I am no scientist, but I spend my winters since over 60 years on skis and I am sailing on the ocean for many years. Living on a boat means also to fight the dangers of sea. I guess this is a good way to experience weather and nature. I talked to people at ski resorts in Australia , South America, Europe and the U.S. I talked to fishermen at the coasts of the sea as well as to farmers in the Alps. Outdoor people like mountaineers and sailors: They all tell you the same story.

To make it simple – they all will tell you – weather has changed.

They will agree more or less with what Alan Braunholtz has written in the Daily and an uneducated media has printed is also their own experience.

I am afraid that even when you know it better, nature will not care for your wisdom. It seems that we may get more hurricanes than before. Insurance companies will have to pay more money. Directions of winds and even currents in the sea start to change, causing all kind of unexpected results. And ski resorts start to invest more and more money into manmade snow. Like in the Italian Alps, where now 80 percent of the skiing happens on manmade snow. In some countries, banks don’t loan money anymore to ski areas, as they expect that there will soon be not enough snow any longer.

When I came to Vail, there was no manmade snow, but I skied from November to Easter time without problems. When 18, I biked the St. Gotthard Pass Road in Switzerland. There was the ” Rhone Glacier” with ice caves, ice bar, tunnels , rooms and other tourist attractions right in the Glacier. When I biked there again four years ago ” about 45 years later ” all of this had disappeared. The whole big Rhone Glacier is gone, and only photos show how it had looked. Dont tell me that snow has always melted.

But this might show my concerns better: Just stop along I-70 for one hour completely. Then count how many cars will stand there in a huge traffic jam. Do you know how many cars are moving around the U.S. in a single day? How many miles and how many cars per hour? Start your motor in your garage and try out how long you can breath the stinking air until you die. How much pollution in a single day? Hysteria is a funny word for this. At least you cant say it has always been this way, as we did not have cars 100 years ago.

If nothing else would bother nature, wouldn’t the number of cars world-wide be too much? But there is so much more. I wish you happy dreams in Happy Valley, dont go to big cities where you may never see the blue sky all year long because of the smog. If the oceans are rising, it needs more than a global warming until it reaches Vail, but it takes only some feet to let the whole Islands of the Maldives disappear.

There is a saying what may fit for the global warming better than long discussions: It can’t be true ” what shouldn’t be true.

Otto Wiest


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