Global-warming’s a scam |

Global-warming’s a scam

Fred Engel
Vail, CO, Colorado

Permit me to make a few comments regarding the article in your newspaper mentioning environmental activism with respect to “climate change.”

While environmentalists frequently have a free pass to say whatever supports their mostly erroneous understanding of “climate change,” the same cannot be said of those who have been active in trying to bring the real science supporting “climate change” to the public’s attention. For sure, there always is climate change, but humanity has nothing to do with it. Neither can we influence it short of blowing up the planet.

As you probably know, there is an enormous body of scientific data available today that cogently disputes the claim that global warming, called climate change, is induced and exacerbated by humanity’s use of fossil fuels, etc.

This issue has taken on a

political life of its own and like any Chicken Little story will eventually turn out to be an embarrassing exercise in bad judgment on the part of a lot of politicians, some scientists, academics and media people.

I am just as interested in not despoiling our natural environment as any other common-sense adult in this country, but I am not about to support the efforts of those who refuse to deal with the facts and who just blithely proceed with their doomsday scenarios to keep the subsidies flowing while our economy is put more and more at risk.

Why are there so few people in decision-making positions in the media prepared to stand up and tell the public what a scam the global-warming operation really is? Particularly today, when our new government is ladling out trillions of dollars to save our imperfect financial system, we really do not need to spend one more nickel on mitigating carbon-dioxide emissions. Such realization of the real-world facts of the case would be the best Christmas present any credible media leader could hand out to benefit our USA when it really needs it.

I would be grateful if you’d be willing to give it some thought.

If I can be of any help in supporting the case, please let me know.

Fred Engel

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