Gluten intolerance informational presentation set for Thursday in Eagle |

Gluten intolerance informational presentation set for Thursday in Eagle

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VAIL CO, Colorado

February is Heart Health Month. Did you know that research indicates that people with wheat allergies and gluten intolerance have a higher risk of heart disease (as well as cancer and other chronic conditions), not just digestive issues?

Gluten is a protein contained in many grains, including wheat, barley, rye and oats. It is also found in beer. Gluten intolerance plagues many people and commonly causes gastric disturbances. More research evidence shows that other chronic health conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, ADHD, migraines, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, infertility, lupus, as well as depression and anxiety, can be triggered and exacerbated by gluten intolerance, even without the person experiencing any digestive issues.

“Gluten sensitivity creates inflammation in the entire body, beginning in the gut,” said Jacqui Slavin D.C. of Functional Wellness in Edwards. “Chronic pain and degenerative diseases are made worse by inflammation, so eliminating gluten-containing foods can often provide significant relief for many health concerns.”

Celiac disease, the chronic and most severe type of gluten intolerance, is an autoimmune disease and affects close to three million Americans. Less severe symptoms of gluten sensitivity may affect as much as one third of the U.S. population. Many people unknowingly suffer from gluten intolerance and are not aware that it may be the cause of their uncomfortable symptoms.

Why are more people being diagnosed with gluten sensitivity?

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What is the difference between Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity?

Are we just more aware, or is the prevalence truly increasing?

These are common questions that will be addressed by Slavin, a functional medicine practitioner, on Thursday at the gluten sensitivity informational presentation hosted by HP Provisions in Eagle. Houston and Samantha Perkins, owner-operators of HP Provisions, will showcase their gluten-free flours and baked goods at the event. A $5 donation will benefit local Spa4ThePink location – Hope.Love.Spa on Gamble Street specializing in treatments for and awareness of the needs of individuals affected by cancer.

Seating is limited, reserve your spot by calling 970-376-7779.

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