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Go back to tasteful with lights, Avon

Julia Arterburn
Avon, CO, Colorado

November 22, 2004, was the first time I stepped foot in Avon, Colorado. It was the most beautiful place that I had ever seen. The snow, the lights, and the food were all unreal and something that I could only have dreamt about. This place made such a wonderful impression on me that a month later I moved to Avon.

Avon is a town where people spend their winter vacations. It is a place where people have second homes, where the cost of living is high. And to me all of these things say high class town.

Last year was the first time that I really questioned the town of Avon, and this year is even worse. I just can not go another season without saying anything.

It’s not just me. I’ve not heard one good thing about the colored Christmas lights around town.

In fact, I’ve heard many other negative comments from tourists and locals about how bad these lights make the town look. And every time I ask of an opinion, the reaction is the same.

Colored lights are more Myrtle Beach than Beaver Creek. Who made the decision the past two years to dress the town in these terrible lights? It’s just bad.

Although I am a clear, white lights kind of girl, I know there is a better and classier way to use colored lights, if colored lights must be used. Use all one color. Use white lights mixed with colors. Or use the strands with every color.

Anything is better than the red, blue, and green solid trees around town make that make Avon look tacky instead of tasteful.

If a poll was taken, people may disagree, but I doubt it. Something should be done, and soon.

Julia Arterburn


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