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Go Bruins, I say

Tamara Miller
Vail CO, Colorado

So I’m rooting for UCLA now.

I’ll be digging around in my closet this weekend for some yellow and blue.

I’ve never much cared for bears, honestly. And a brief, three-year stint working in California did nothing to sell me on the merits of UCLA basketball or John Wooden.

I didn’t even like living in California that much, honestly. The wine and produce, notwithstanding.

But UCLA beat my Jayhawks. And everyone knows, the only way to make your losing team more of a winner is when the team that beat them wins it all.

The only way the Jayhawks can avenge their pitiful loss to the Bruins in the Elite 8, the only way KU can explain away its inability to make layups ” layups! ” is if UCLA takes the trophy this year.

That’s the explanation I’m giving those who ask me, anyway. What do I have to lose? My bracket is shot, my morale is wounded and nothing would infuriate me more than to have Ohio State and Florida meet in the National Championship, just like they did in the championship college football game this fall.

Only one premier sports program per university, please!

I planned to pick Georgetown to win, but I’ve changed my mind.

I won’t give up on my Jayhawks. And that’s why I say, Go Bruins!

Bite me, Gators.

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