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Go Christian, Barry Smith

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I’ve noticed that this column was written sometime ago (see “Barry Smith, you suck!” at vailtrail.com, March 14, 2004 edition). I just wanted to say that what you wrote was well written. I’m sorry that your encounter with these Christians put them and yourself in bad correspondence.I, too, am a Christian looking for a web site for Barry R. Smith. I came across yours instead. I wish you all the best and hope that you will keep Christ open for consideration. Today we Christians come off as self-righteous, judgmental people, but… let me assure you most of us only want everyone else to experience what we have. This is sounding maybe corny but here it goes: a personal (friendship) with Jesus.You’ll never know until you alone look for this relationship. If you look for it, you will find it. We Christians feel that the second coming of Jesus is soon. Why we think this is because of our relationship with Him and that reading, studying the book of Revelation. If you don’t have the relationship with Jesus then the book is hard to understand. So, for instance this is the third year for me to read through the Bible. The first year of reading the Bible lots of things I didn’t know came out while reading. Like Noah and the Ark. I’ve been always told that animals two-by-two came into the Ark. Well, guess what? It’s not all true. There were also seven animals of some species that came into the ark. The second year of reading more stuff came to me while reading. This year has just started and now I’m understanding the genealogy of Christ.So, all I’m saying is look for Him and you will find and if not… I hope someday you will.Take care and hope to see you someday.Catherine SprotberryMarysville, Mich.Forgetting the rat raceI read your article “Welcome back to the town you used to know,&quot (see vailtrail.com, Dec. 16 edition) and really liked it. I think of Vail every single day: the ’80s Vail Dobson, Hairbag Alley, the town bus, throwing snowballs off Vail 21, the bloody Mountaineers games, and the hockey trips to Denver. It puts things in perspective out here in the rat race.Colm Acuff (former Vail local)Toledo, Ohio

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