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We are now very busy occupying Iraq and cleaning up the mess that we created with our missiles and bombs. But 150,000 servicemen continue to be separated from their families, and too many are being injured or killed. And we are spending upward of $4 billion per month, and we seem to be accomplishing very little.

And while the Iraqis generally are glad to be rid of Saddam, many (or most) of them don’t really appreciate our continued occupation. They’d like us to go home!

Mr. Bush optimistically talks about the virtue of democratizing Iraq without telling us anything about the costs or the time that it will take. He won’t admit that he got us into a situation that he didn’t comprehend and that has no end in sight. And so we’re currently stuck.

But more and more families of the servicemen are uniting and saying, “Bring them home!” In the meantime, our deficit grows ever larger and that is receiving some well deserved criticism. It is obvious that $4 billion per month could be advantageously spent on our schools, our health care, our power systems or for so many other valid requirements. Or it could just help to reduce our horrendous budget deficit.

And then, too, our nation’s attention could focus on the problems of our economy and our unemployed work force, and health care, and Social Security.

What I think we should do is apparent. What do you think?

David Le Vine

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