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Go to climate conference, Obama

Dyana Z. Furmansky
Vail, CO, Colorado

Eagle County residents have the chance to join more than 50,000 people from around the world to invite President-elect Barack Obama to what may be the most crucial meetings of our time on global climate change.

These U.N.-sponsored meetings will be held in December in Poland, and the United States needs to take a leadership role in addressing climate change that has imperiled us all.

Even a brief appearance by the man who will be our next president would send a clear message to the world that the United States is at long last ready to play its leadership role in negotiating an international climate treaty.

It’s been about 20 years since wood-burning fireplaces were prohibited in new home construction in our valley due to the air pollution they caused.

We know firsthand how quickly our actions unintentionally damage the corner of the earth we love ” and we also understand what it takes to repair what we have damaged.

With our new administration, we can demonstrate what it takes on a global scale. President-elect Obama has much to do before he takes the oath of office. But one of his priorities ought to be to go to Poland just for a day, to let the world know the United States is ready to change course on climate change.

This is a change we can believe in.

Vail Daily readers can go to the http://www.350.org Web site to add their names to the invitation that will be sent to President-elect Obama.

Dyana Z. Furmansky


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