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Go W!

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I would like to say thank you to President Bush for the great job he’s doing bringing back our economy and protecting us from any more terrorist attacks since 9/11. I think Thomas Anderson’s letter was right on, and I too wish I could vote for Bush again. I wonder how long liberals can keep their heads buried in the sand. David Levine and Gus Nicholson, do yourself a favor and watch the Fox News channel for a change. Signed, G.F.Where’s the oil?I keep asking everybody the same question, Mark Udall and Ken Salazar, where does the oil and the natural gas go that is produced here in the United States, Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico, lower 40? Nobody can answer that. A lot of people say that it goes on the open market. Then what’s the purpose of drilling here if it goes on the open market. It goes to the highest bidder, correct? We need a law, there’s no law saying, what’s produced, taken out of the ground here in the U.S. stays here in the U.S. Does not compete with the open market. That way the gas will go down. MisleadingThe Vail Daily should rephrase Joe Staufer’s letter, “slippery slope” dated April 24th, so that the folks in Vail can see how misleading and how the people who are against the Solaris project are misleading in their information. Joe sums it up very well, when you cannot even give us the correct information as to how many floors there are in the building. I believe the Vail Daily should reprint this in July. Vail Daily, please do us that favor. Thank you very much.When in doubt, circleGood morning. Round and round concerning the roundabouts. People often write their own rules. There tends to be no lane markers or faded lane markers in such roundabouts. One helpful hint would be to use the two C’s: caution and compassion. The roundabouts are new to many people, they tend to stop in the middle of the roundabout because of the new. When in doubt, circle. Keep on trucking, be polite in the roundabout, and have a great day.Things changeThis is to Otto in response to his letter to the editor for spring skiing. Vail has changed over the last 40 years. If you don’t like it, you can move. Go to Idaho or some new ski resort, but everybody needs to realize, the town has changed. Get over it.Share the roadI just wanted to leave a tip regarding the Highway 6 remark that was in the paper about someone being annoyed with bikers. Anyway, I am a road biker myself and until there’s a bike path completed from Glenwood Springs to Summit County that is fully constructed we need to share the roads and be safe and respect the bikers. Thanks for your support.Wendy’s champI’ve lived in the Vail Valley for about six years and I just want to show my appreciation for Francis who works at the Edwards Wendy’s. His customer service and professionalism is unparalleled in the valley, and I just really appreciate him. I just want to say thank you and hope the management team does, too.

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