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God and country

Since the beginning of recorded history, our species has acknowledged the existence of God and the spirituality of man. Our founding fathers acknowledged “Nature’s God” in the Declaration of Independence “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights … .”

While calling for the freedom of religion, our laws favored the separation of church and state. History had shown our founders that too many wars had been fought over religious differences, and indeed many early colonists settled here to escape religious persecutions in their own countries.

While separation of church and state remains a cornerstone of our society, there is great controversy today whether we should acknowledge God at all. Godless people have worked within and without of our government over the years at this purpose. Elimination of school prayer and the wording “one nation, under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, and the display of nativity scenes and the Ten Commandments have undermined the basic beliefs and intentions set forth by our founders.

A large majority of Americans believe in God, regardless of religious differences, and would likely sponsor an amendment to the Constitution acknowledging the existence of a universal god. We might be the first modern nation to do this.

Some of our enemies look at America as a godless society, but by recognizing his existence in our Constitution as a supreme intelligence would help pull our world together. Essentially, we are all God’s children, regardless of how we worship him. It amazes one on how the Christians, Muslims, Hebrews, and Hindus have slaughtered one another over the centuries, even to this day, because of religious differences.

To acknowledge the existence of God for a constitutional amendment, we might have to prove that he exists. For the faithful of any religion, no proof is required. But for the agnostics and atheists, it might be helpful to review the evidence, which is overwhelming when one looks at it.

God exists as a metaphysical being, an intelligent force or energy that cannot be seen, but who exists in a spiritual dimension that is all around us. Our ancient ancestors, as shamans and medicine men in primitive societies are today, were much more aware of this spiritual dimension than we are. While mainstream science has shunned this metaphysical world, there is plenty of documented evidence it exists.

For one, miracles do happen. There are many recorded stories of people who were cured of illnesses through prayers. Indeed, the grotto at Lourdes, where St. Bernadette saw a vision of the Virgin Mary, is filled with the crutches of crippled persons whose faith in God cured them.

Medical science calls miracles “spontaneous healing,” and offers no plausible explanation for them. The miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe has never been scientifically explained. Miracles occur in all religious societies.

There are thousands of well-documented “ghost” stories from around the world. Many creditable people have described contact with ghosts or spirits of dead ancestors. These spirits of the dead exist in the metaphysical world, and studies by paranormal psychologists have failed to find explanation for these spiritual occurrences.

Out-of-body and after-death experiences have further confused science and have been basically ignored, except by a few. Yet many people around the world have experienced these metaphysical states and would testify, before Congress if necessary, to the existence of this spiritual dimension.

Psychics have assisted police departments around the world in providing details of crimes that have led to arrests in many unsolved cases. Many psychics believe that their strange abilities are a gift from God, and believe that all of us have this gift to some degree. Even the CIA conducted experiments with psychics, calling them “remote viewers” during the 1970s and 1980s, hoping to use their powers to spy on the Communists.

Reincarnation is another mystery that transcends into the spiritual universe. While not generally accepted in Judeo-Christian religions, reincarnation is acknowledged in Hindu, Buddhist, and tribal religions. There are many well-documented cases of people, even children, recalling past lives they have lived and how they died. Often, historic records are found that verify the information.

Millions worldwide would give testimony to the existence of this metaphysical universe that exists all around us. The atheists would find it impossible to disprove all the evidence. Even science would have a hard time explaining these mysteries. It is unfortunate that paranormal researchers often look for “scientific” explanations of the metaphysical universe. There is none. Science has only been left with more questions.

We humans, as a species, have only begun to explore the universe. There are great mysteries yet to be solved, and mainstream science often finds it hard to accept new discoveries.

Galileo was imprisoned for proposing that the earth orbited around the sun with the other planets, and that we were not at the center of the universe as was generally thought of at the time. Einstein’s theories were ridiculed at first, but have been proved to be generally true. Today many theoretical physicists, taking Einsteinian physics even further, now believe that other dimensions and parallel universes do exist. These theories only pose more questions.

But when science finds the answers to all their questions, perhaps they will find God.

It would be nice if religious leaders of all faiths could meet and lend their support to a constitutional amendment recognizing God’s existence. People too busy to acknowledge God in their daily lives might take the time to contemplate his existence in their minds, and perhaps might bring him into their hearts as well. Even science, which has long separated itself from the spiritual universe, will take their blinders off and begin to explore God’s realm. Our elected officials would support it, and it would make all of us answerable to a higher authority, so help us God. Maybe it would start “religious revival” in business and government where everyone will be honest and truthful, and will work for the betterment of all mankind.

Even the United Nations could probably agree that God exists, and that we are all his children. Perhaps this could help bring nations and peoples who have fought over their religious differences together, and help end the threat from terrorists who murder their brothers and sisters, believing they are acting for God.

All it takes is a little effort. Write your representatives in Congress and talk to your local religious leaders and friends about the God Amendment. Recognizing him in our government and our daily lives can’t hurt. Indeed, it could make our world a better place.

Bob Fiske


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