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God hates dead gay soldiers?

Fred Phelps Sr. and his flock go about proving this outlandish claim by protesting at the funerals of deceased American soldiers as well as any funeral connected with homosexuality that they can squeeze into their busy schedule.Here is a quote from Fred’s Web site at http://www.godhatesfags.com: “(Anyone) believing and preaching that God loves every individual of mankind – we say, you are going to hell! Period! End of discussion! God’s decree sending you to hell is irreversible! Hypocrites! How can ye escape the damnation of hell?!” Please don’t stop reading at this point simply because the subject makes you want to vomit your cocoa puffs. These people are real, they are Americans, their objectives genuine (at least in their delusional minds), and their methods legal in most states, including Colorado.But why soldiers?Fred and his followers believe God (the Christian one this time around, for those who like to keep track) is punishing the United States of America by causing the deaths of U.S. soldiers overseas, all because of the country’s supposed growing acceptance of homosexuality. Yep, that’s pretty much the sole reason in a Kansas-grown nutshell, the same state whose board of education outlawed the teaching of evolution in public schools to avoid offending monkeys who were outraged at the suggestion that they evolved alongside Neanderthals.Last Thursday, about three dozen of Fred’s fanatics gathered on the steps of the Colorado Capitol in Denver to protest the discussion going on inside by legislators concerning the “Right to Rest in Peace Act.” This legislation is similar to proposals in 26 other states to prohibit protesters within 500 feet of funeral sites an hour before, during and an hour after memorial services.The legislation exists solely due to the tactics of these kooks from Kansas.They stood on the sidewalk last week carrying such informative signs as “USA = Fag Nation” and “Thank God for Dead Soldiers.” And it doesn’t stop there. According to the good reverend, another Fred, as in “Mr. Rogers,” went “straight to hell” because of his ordination in the Presbyterian Church and association with PBS (which I can only guess stands for Promoting Bisexual Situations). Fred and his brethren have also picketed in New York City three times since 9/11 with signs that read “Thank God For Sept. 11,” calling the FDNY a “fag fire department,” and in Hawaii with signs that read “Thank God for December 7.”Evidently we were promoting the gay lifestyle back in 1942.I thoroughly enjoy writing a weekly column. It’s fun, entertaining, drives my wife nuts, and enables me to constantly be aware of what is happening in the world at just about any point in time. But writing this one truly makes me sick to my stomach.Why do people like this even exist? How can they possibly sleep at night without having nightmares that would make Freddie Krueger blush? What perverted delusional form of religion bored itself so deep into their skulls that not even a dream sequence from Jesus himself could change their minds, since he was a man wearing a dress and must therefore also be gay and deserve to die?Each a rhetorical question, I know, yet the only difference between Fred’s flock and Islamic terrorists is their version of Zeus and a current possession of IEDs.So why write about it?Because, like it or not, religion plays a major role in each of our lives. Some say I harp against it too much and too often (while others say the opposite), but hey, facts is facts. From Fred to Osama to Afghans wanting to behead a man for switching faiths, they do it all because of belief systems based on magical beings. This means the rest of us need to stand up and pay close attention, because no matter what direction we turn we will find ourselves in somebody’s faith-based crosshairs, and that somebody cannot wait for us die, whether it be to continue on to the magical next world with 72 virgins or to begin our eternity in hell.I write about it because, well, because they frankly scare the hell out of me – each of them – and as your e-mails confirm, I know they scare many of you, as well.Richard Carnes of Edwards writes a weekly column for the Daily. He can be reached at poor@vail.net

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