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Going digital: 7 Colorado stations to switch Tuesday

DENVER, Colorado ” Seven Colorado TV stations are going digital Tuesday, rather than waiting until June 12, the new deadline set by Congress.

The seven stations are listed as going digital on or around Tuesday, the original deadline for broadcaster to shut down analog broadcasts. More than 400 TV stations nationally are going digital Tuesday, and an additional 191 stations have already made the switch.

The Colorado stations are: KBDI-TV (PBS), KREG-TV (CBS) and KRMZ (PBS) in Denver; and KFQX (Fox), KKCO (NBC), KREX-TV (CBS), KREY-TV (CBS) in Grand Junction-Montrose.

For years, the government has said Feb. 17 would be the day when analog TV signals go away, and viewers who lack cable or satellite would have to tune in to digital signals. But when funding ran out for coupons to subsidize TV converter boxes, Congress passed a bill to delay the deadline.

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