Goldberg’s jihad |

Goldberg’s jihad

Jim Cameron
Vail, CO, Colorado

After reading Jonah Goldberg’s commentary “The Prism of Obama,” I am again amazed at how Republicans can always manage to make a sow’s ear out of a silk purse.

While seemingly the entire world, including much of the Muslim population, was celebrating President Obama’s speech at Al-Azhar University, Mr. Goldberg was finding lots to fault. I mean, even Pat Buchanan heaped praise on the speech.

For starters, Mr. Goldberg accuses the president of seeing the world as a stage built just for him and that the speech was fundamentally about him. I guess the many millions of Muslims who watched on TV or listened over the radio were just window dressing.

And then Mr. Goldberg asks the reader to consider Obama’s habit of casting major issues through the prism of his personal radiance. What!? Next, the president’s recital of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence being inspirations to his father whose immigration to the United States ultimately paved the way for what the president calls his own, personal American journey becomes an accusation by Mr. Goldberg of settling “questions of national security and the Constitution based on Obama’s American journey, as if the Founding Fathers were in-house writers for the Hallmark Channel.”

Again, What? Obama’s statement that he will fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear (read mainly ours and here), prompts Mr. Goldberg to label him “Defender of the Muslim Faith.”

Mr. Goldberg goes on to criticize Obama for stating that no system of government can or should be imposed upon one nation by any other, to take issue with Obama’s position on Iraq, noting that the progress of imposing a system of government in Iraq and attempts to do likewise in Afghanistan began at the point of an American gun. Well, neither of those conflicts were started by the Obama administration, and Afghanistan already had a shaky type of democracy pretty much like what Iraq has now. Not to forget, our primary mission in Afghanistan was to get bin Laden.

Lastly, Mr. Goldberg finds the president a hypocrite for downplaying his Muslim connections (e.g, his family history?) when running for office and then touting them once in office.

I don’t remember Obama downplaying his family history. What I do remember were rightwing Republicans insinuating that Obama was a secret Muslim jihadist.

Well Mr. Goldberg, you can join Rush Limbaugh and hope that Obama fails in all he undertakes.

After all, who really wants Mideast peace?

Jim Cameron


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