Golden Eagle seniors finish their 1,000th baby blanket |

Golden Eagle seniors finish their 1,000th baby blanket

Bobbi Bade, center, receives an Award of Gratitude from Eagle County Director of Child, Family and Adult Services Toni Rozanski, left, for her work coordinating a group of Golden Eagle seniors who have made 1,000 quilts for local children last week in Eagle.
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The Golden Eagle Crochet Crew

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EAGLE — Babies born in a local hospital are wrapped in a 910,000-yard hug.

A group of seniors just finished crocheting their 1,000th baby blanket, and every child born in Eagle County gets one, a gift from the crocheting club at the Golden Eagle senior center.

“What a wonderful way to welcome a new member of our community,” said Kathy Brendza with The Youth Foundation. “Blankets are security. It’s the first thing a mom swaddles her child in.”

There is math involved, and it works like this:

A skein of yarn is seven ounces and it takes two and a half skeins to crochet a blanket.

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A skein of yarn stretches out 364 yards.

That’s 910 yards of yarn per blanket.

At 1,000 blankets, they’ve crocheted 910,000 total yards of yarn, but it’s more than that because they went beyond 1,000 blankets a few weeks ago, with no signs of slowing.

It takes about 12 hours to crochet a blanket.

Dozens of women get together at least once a week to crochet blankets. One of the women came up with a pattern, taught some of the others and one of the world’s most mirthful manufacturing processes was born.

They laugh, they tell stories and they have a great time. They bring their own crochet hooks and they’ve heard every happy hooker wisecrack ever told. Frankly, most of them aren’t that good.

This past Wednesday morning, 1,000 quilts later, they were honored for their loving work, and took stock of what they’d done and the fun they’d had.

One of the first things you notice is that the Beanie Babies match the blankets they’re with.

Bobbi Bade helped start the program a few years ago. Her husband John has been there for all of them.

“I’ve seen every blanket, and they’re all wonderful,” John said.

Kathy Dunn Lewis, the county’s former senior services manager, helped start it the program.

“Some people who wanted blankets came to me. I went to Bobbi and they couldn’t get started fast enough,” Lewis said.

Kendra Cowles’ son Cooper was a babe in arms when he received his. It has never been far away. He’s 4 years old now and it’s a super hero cape, or whatever the child’s imagination wants it to be.

Eight-year-old Collin Desmond sent a thank-you note to the ladies. Tucked inside the card was a playing card featuring his favorite Denver Broncos player.

There seemed to be a certain symmetry to that, Bobbi said.

“We often crochet blankets during Broncos games,” Bobbi said smiling.

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