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Golden lawns

Jerry Schildroth

Some area raft companies and guide services may face a dim season because of the lack of water in the rivers and creeks. Even some ranchers will be affected.Obviously this dilemma must have to reach catastrophic proportions before it will have an effect on the valley’s golf courses, businesses and home owners.I see watering systems greening up lawns everywhere.There are water restrictions already in place in the Front Range cities. Why not here?I would like to offer a solution. Maybe before it’s too late, the new status symbol could be a GOLD lawn that may show others that we care about the environment we live in, or at least until the water conditions change.Is a green lawn really necessary?Jerry SchildrothVailQuestion all of themWhile I agree with Rick Cuny that it was probably a bad idea for Avon citizens to elect both a husband and a wife to the same town council, I would also add that we be wary of electing someone whose motivation for being on the council is the protection of his own small businesses and not necessarily the greater interests of the town.When Cuny was elected – and I voted for him – I and others certainly thought he was going to be a staunch opponent of The Village at Avon and its unwelcome sprawl.This could certainly be inferred by Cuny’s very vocal comments during public hearings on the village development and by things he said while campaigning for the council. However, we all found out that he wasn’t a champion of anti-sprawl at all. He was not the fighter against this development like we had thought.Cuny just wanted to make sure that the big trucks and construction equipment didn’t pass by his profitable small businesses during the development. After that, build away Traer Creek, said Cuny!I guess all that I am saying is we should question the motivation of all politicians, not just husband and wife teams.And we should be especially wary of those politicians who attack each other instead of attacking the problems and issues before us.Finally, I do not want to live in a town where neighbors slam their doors in each others faces, so I hope that Avon residents refuse Cuny’s advice on that point.Jason W. DenhartAvonA great placeIn the summer of 1983 I arrived for an interview at Minturn Middle School in a “72 VW Bug and wearing a borrowed suit. I knew that I had found a special place to teach when during the final stages of the interview and a tour of the school, a herd of deer crossed the parking lot headed toward the woods, which surround the school.Some 19 years later I finish my last and final year with Eagle County School District as my family and I move off to another adventure and a principalship in the Western Slope.I will always carry fond memories of the wonderful families, children and staff that have touched my life during my tenure in ECSD. I will always remember the many snowshoeing adventures at Maloit Park, the daily challenges of growing adolescents, the nervous laughter of sixth-graders new to the middle school, the smile of our kindergartners and particularly those “staff meetings” Friday afternoons at Ruby’s.I also will treasure the relationships I developed with the children who have so touched my life over the last 19 years and the support that I always, always felt from their families. I can only hope that I have made half the contribution to their lives as they have made to mine.And finally, how can one not thank Eagle County School District for the impact it has had on my professional life? During my time with the district, I have been provided with myriad and diverse training and professional growth opportunities that have allowed my unprecedented professional development.I have been allowed the opportunity to fill a variety of roles for the district as a teacher and now as an administrator that has done so very much in bringing me to where I am today.I have enjoyed the company of talented, dedicated and passionate professionals who have greatly contributed to my development as a teacher and helped shape the administrator I hope to become.I will miss my time in the Vail Valley, but not nearly as much as my time with ECSD.So, after nearly 20 years in the valley, it is time for my family and I to move on to new challenges, to new adventures. I cannot begin to imagine what emotions will stir as Dotsero bleeds into points west, but I do know that the best of memories will remain.We leave behind close friends, a beautiful natural environment, a supportive school community and the spirit of all those that embrace the Vail Valley and the wonderful lifestyle it provides. For us it is time to say goodbye to a place we have called home for so many, many years as we seek another place that we hope will also fill a very special place in our hearts.I truly, for the three of us, want to express a warm heartfelt “thank you” for 19 wonderful years and wish our community and the people it represents well. Bon voyage.Christopher MartinMinturnLion King cast hereI am writing this to let everyone know about a wonderful event that is happening this Monday, June 3, right here in our own back yard.A number of the touring cast of “The Lion King,” which is currently playing down in Denver, has generously consented to give up a day off, and give of their time and talents to come up here to Vail and teach a workshop, and have an open question-and-answer session.This is an incredible opportunity for anyone and everyone who loves theater. Many of the leading characters will be here, including Simba, Nala, Scar, Zazu, Timon and many others. It’s open for all abilities ages 10 to adult, and if you don’t want to take the class but have curiosity about what it’s like to be in the hottest show of the past decade, you can observe the class and just come for the Q&A.This is a fund-raiser for the Vail Performing Arts Academy, a local nonprofit program which gives our local kids performing opportunities here in the Vail Valley. All proceeds over and above what we’re hoping to raise, we will donate toward other nonprofit performing arts groups here in Vail, such as the Vail Valley Community Theater, and the Vail Valley Academy of Dance.Here are the particulars – When: June 3. Where: Vail Mountain School Gymnasium. Time: 5 p.m. (workshop); 6 p.m. (Q&A) Cost: $25 for the workshop and discussion; $15 for the discussion only. Reservations: 949-8016.Beth SwearingenAs I mentioned before, this is an amazing opportunity and I really hope that everyone reading this will turn out and show this group of talented and generous individuals that Vail is a great community that supports the arts. I hope to see you there.Beth SwearingenArtistic Director VPAA

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