Golden retrievers sought for study |

Golden retrievers sought for study

A groundbreaking study is currently underway to study cancer and many other diseases in golden retrievers. The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, as it is called, is being paid for and performed by the Morris Animal Foundation. It is free to golden retriever owners.

Researchers are looking for goldens in between the age of 6 months and 2 years to participate in the study. The study is free and will provide you with extensive information about your dog. This information will be used to further our knowledge of canine cancer and diseases and will also be looked at by the NIH and other human health organizations.

In the study, 3,000 dogs will be enrolled — currently there are 2,000 openings. Gypsum Animal Hospital has decided to participate because it supports the Morris Animal Foundation, and veterinarian Dr. Steve Sheldon has a special interest in veterinary oncology. Not to mention, this is important information for pet lovers.

You will be required to have annual visits, fill out a questionnaire that is quite extensive and have blood, urine, skin and nail tests run on your pooch every year. There is no charge for any of this, and you will receive a $75 stipend every year for participating. If you wish, the $75 can be donated back to the foundation, which is a nonprofit organization.

Sheldon recently attended a lecture on the study at the Western Veterinary Conference and the topic sparked his interest. The study is being compared to the famous Framingham Heart Study which is the benchmark for what we know today about heart disease in humans.

Information on the program can be found at Brochures will be available at Gypsum Animal Hospital located at 680 Red Table Drive in Gypsum. Sheldon is happy to speak to anyone interested, and he also asks that you pass along the information to any golden owners who might be interested.

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