Golf courses outprice the working man |

Golf courses outprice the working man

Allen Best

While several golf clubs have provisions for public play, those options are limited and expensive, notes the Jackson Hole News & Guide. One course charges $150 for 18 holes, or alternatively, a $9,500 initiation fee.Another course, the Teton Pines, has a semi-public initiation fee that runs about $50,000.The only truly affordable golfing opportunities are on the west side of the Teton Range, which is also largely the story on housing.Doctor seeks to measure pollutionDURANGO – A retired public-health physician is asking for monitoring of the Durango area for ground-level ozone.Ozone is an invisible toxin that results when organic compounds, nitrogen oxides and sunlight interact. Caused by auto exhausts, oil-field emissions and others sources, it is associated with lung and heart diseases, and lowers lung capacity in even active, healthy people.The Farmington area, located in New Mexico, but in the same basin, already has problems meeting federal standards. The physician, Dr. Brooks Taylor, said it would be best for the Durango area to get to work on what may exist there.”We share the air,” he told the Durango Herald. “Pollution doesn’t stop at the border.”Vegans vanishing in TellurideTELLURIDE – In a way, Telluride seems to be converging with the mainstream. Vegans the purist of the vegetarians are now eating meat.That’s the report in The Telluride Watch, reporting on the owner of a Mexican restaurant who, after six years in the business, is offering pork in his menu. The clincher was finding a supplier of pork that is free of hormones and antibiotics.”The town has changed,” shrugs Lucas Prize of La Cocina de Luz. “People are eating more meat, less cheese and less carbohydrates.”Are more changes astir? Maybe.”The vegan telemarker of six yeas ago – today that person is eating meat and has his downhill skis on,” he says with a laugh.

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