Golf exercises may improve performance |

Golf exercises may improve performance

Louanne Perfetti
Special to the Golf GuideImproved physical conditioning can lead to a better swing and lower scores on the links.

Watching flabby guys whack golf balls could lead one to conclude that the sport is no respecter of athletic ability.

A liberal in Limbaugh Land couldn’t be more wrong.

In the name of playing better golf, golfers push mountains of money into lessons, practice and expensive equipment. Few golfers associate improved physical conditioning with improved performance. That omission often leads to injury, premature performance plateaus and generally bad golf.

“Current research shows that the average golfer reaches 90 percent maximum voluntary muscle contraction every time they drive a golf ball,” said personal trainer Louanne Perfetti.

“To reach this level of exertion in the gym, you would have to use a weight you could only lift for four repetitions. Golfers fail to consider that they strike the ball an average of 30 to 40 times a game with comparable strength.”

Perfetti said any good golf pro will tell you that to play good golf, you must comply with four factors that determine the behavior of a golf ball:

– Clubface alignment

– Swing path

– Angle of attack

– Speed

To be able perform the four factors necessary to control the flight of the ball, Perfetti said golfers must also address four physical factors:

– Muscle balance and flexibility. Most golfers suffer from muscle imbalances that restrict the natural range of motion needed to play better golf. Muscle imbalances and joint restrictions will keep golfers from playing their best.

– Static and dynamic postural stability. Static posture is used to hold a perfect address posture, while dynamic posture provides stability for the joints, keeping optimal alignment through the swing.

– Strength. After completing a flexibility and stability conditioning program, golfers need to set the foundation for developing strength. “Trying to develop strength with the intent of improving your drive, or any part of your game, without first developing flexibility and stability only serves to magnify muscle,” said Perfetti. “Strength is also a catalyst for endurance. If your game gets worse as you play more holes, you’re probably suffering from fatigue.”

– Golf Power. Power is strength expressed with respect for time. “For example,” said Perfetti, “if a speed gun was used to assess the speed of your club at impact, the more powerful you are, the faster your club speed will be.”

Those four physical factors, Perfetti said, are addressed in order.

“You cannot train for strength when you have muscle imbalances and lack flexibility,” she said.

Perfetti is a certified C.H.E.K. Golf Biomechanics trainer specializing in the Whole In One Golf Conditioning program. “With a program like that, and a good golf pro, you could be well on your way to play the best golf of your life,” she said. Perfetti can be reached at 970-926-9390.

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