Golfer plays record 221 holes |

Golfer plays record 221 holes

Allen Best

BANFF, Alberta – A new Guinness record for continuous golfing was set at the Banff Springs Golf Course when Scott Holland played 221 straight holes. That’s the most golf holes ever played in 12-hour period. The previous record was 218.To reach this record, the 48-year-old Holland jogged about two-thirds of the distance. The heat of the day made that difficult, but on the other hand the heat allowed the ball to fly more easily through the air. “He was crunching drives up to about 380 yards long,” a companion told the Rocky Mountain Outlook.

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. It’s happened before. First there was Crested Butte, then Mt. Crested Butte, a new town next to the ski area. At Telluride the Johnny-come-lately slopeside town is called Mountain Village. And something strikingly similar could happen in Jackson Hole. There, the only existing municipality is Jackson, but another substantial economic and population center is the village at the base of the Jackson Hole ski area five to 10 miles away. Owners of the ranch adjacent to the base area now want build commercial space, 458 houses, townhomes, and condos, along with a golf course and playing fields.The ranch owners say if their plan isn’t approved, they’ll subdivide into 40-acre ranchettes, with up to 40 of them possible.While some in the village see incorporation as a way of getting out from under the control of county government, others in the village who advocate slower-growth say the question should be decided by voters. Jackson has had several such votes in the past several years, with the chorus being, “Just say no” to growth.

LAKE TAHOE – Lake Tahoe is at its lowest level in the last five years, forcing boat launches to be closed. Last year the lake got to the same level, but not until October, just before the winter storms. Only an above-average snowfall year, will get the lake back up, and that hasn’t happened since 1995, notes the Tahoe World.

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