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David Haakenson is longtime acquaintance and a VERY nice man (see “High Country Character,” at, Jan. 27 edition). Caramie Schnell’s article was, once again, well done. She is quite an asset to the paper and her articles are becoming a valuable historical series, I should think! Thanks for a very nice read!Jonine Collinsjonine@inlandnet.comGays and OsamaWhat a cogent and thought provoking article (see “Gay people threaten more people than Osama” at, Feb. 24 edition). I am not sure what being gay takes from those in the rest of society.Halsted Fisherturboredcart@yahoo.comHeterosexuality is hard enoughWhat is this world coming to? Our countrymen are losing lives, families are being destroyed, our nation is in serious debt and these idiots are worried about people of the same sex falling in love (see “Gay people threaten more people than Osama” at, Feb. 24 edition)? I say good for those who find (and see) love! Give me a break. It’s hard enough being in a heterosexual relationship. If someone can find another who makes them feel loved and worth the air they breath why shouldn’t they be allowed to spend their lives together legally binded? Pull you’re head out of your a** (you know who you are and you’re just jealous). And by the way I’m straight.Amber Bretchdartyone@ycsi.netLeft speechlessI really don’t know what to say. I am left speechless about this story, in the most positive way, not negative (see “Gay people threaten more people than Osama” at, Feb. 24 edition). I just wish that this story could get printed in bold print on the front page of every newspaper across the country. I wish it was the main headlines talked about by every news anchor across the country. I wish that I was technologically savvy enough to have the knowledge and be able to send it to every one of these newspapers and television stations that I talked about.John W. Lathamjohnwlatham@msn.comGays and the apocalypseWhy all the fuss about same-sex marriage (see “Gay people seem to threaten more people than Osama” at, Feb. 24 edition)?If acquaintances of mine are any indication (and I believe they are), there are a lot of straight people out there wondering, “Why don’t religious fundamentalists just get on with their own lives and quit worrying about who homosexuals sleep with, and why don’t homosexuals just get on with their lives and quit making such a fuss about their sexual-orientation i.e. just stop flaunting who they sleep with?” I’d like to help answer those questions.Religious fundamentalists believe that a cosmic battle between good and evil is being waged right now, right here, on earth, with humankind fulfilling a vital role to decide the outcome. Allied with one side or the other, humans, as individuals, can actually further either good or evil in this universal drama. Every person, through his or her life and actions, helps either God or Satan towards final victory. One does good not merely for practical reasons or to ease conscience, but for the very salvation of the universe, and every believer is a crucial soldier in the fight.The Apocalypse is the suspenseful conclusion of the cosmic battle between good and evil, and it is fast approaching. On the day of the Apocalypse (aka Final Judgment Day), God will horribly smite down all non-believers and then damn them to hell forever. After the Apocalypse, all believers will live forever in the paradise God will create on earth. (Which is one of the reasons you won’t find many religious fundamentalists concerned about the destruction of the earth’s ecology. There’s no need for concern after the Apocalypse, God will make both the heavens and the earth new.) The Apocalypse has been expected any day now for centuries, but keeps being delayed because God doesn’t really want to smite anyone, He really just wants them to stop sinning. Believers are encouraged, while they wait, to do their best to make the Final Judgment Day come sooner, i.e. to fight the good fight by seeking out sinners and getting them to stop sinning.Therefore, since religious fundamentalists believe that homosexuality is one of the sins God wants people to stop doing before the Final Judgment Day (so he doesn’t have to smite them) (actually, fundamentalists believe that, as an abomination, homosexuality is one of the worst sins anyone can commit, if not the worst. It’s worse even than incest, or eating shell-fish), and since believers are supposed to do their best to hurry the day of reckoning along, they must, naturally, do everything in their power to get homosexuals to stop committing this most horrible of sins. Obviously, then, the legalization of same-sex marriage is contra-indicated to the max, since it will only encourage homosexuality to continue, and, as a consequence, will cause the Apocalypse to be further delayed. (And let me hear an Amen to that!)Personally, I think God decided at least 2,000 years ago that homosexuality shouldn’t be a sin anymore (which is why His Son, Jesus, never said anything against homosexuality), in order to test believers, who are supposed to love their neighbor as themselves. I also think they’re the ones delaying the Apocalypse, ’cause they sure don’t love me as themselves, and that’s the real sin.Virginia Fisherfammail@terrakor.comA balmThis is a balm on this wounded lesbian’s soul (see “Gay people threaten more people than Osama” at, Feb. 24 edition). Thank-you for your courage to speak out on this subject.Juanita ImhoffNot rightA story in the Vail Trail (see “Top 5 News Stories of the Week” at, Feb. 17 edition) states that “Price and Pavelich predict the acquisition will benefit readers in Northern California, which was founded nine years ago.”Funny; I remember Santa Clara Valley morphing into Silicon Valley, but I don’t remember Northern California being founded as a distinct entity except in the minds of its residents, and that was generations ago.Jack

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