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Good for business

Thomas Hohn, Vail

These were not chemical warheads. It was empty ordnance, which is then attached to a missile. What matters is the payload, be it nuclear or chemical.

These warheads were completely empty, so they were not “chemical warheads.” In fact, the word “warhead” is misleading because what was found were simply artillery munitions.

Through U.N. resolutions, Iraq is allowed a variety of weapons, which includes the Al Samoud missile, and these missiles have a limited range. After the Gulf war, Iraq was not completely disarmed, due to the volatility and hostility of some of its neighbors. By possessing these weapons, Iraq is not in breach of any U.N. resolution. This has not been reported.

In fact, the above-mentioned weapons were actually declared by Iraq

last December.

This discovery absolutely vindicates the weapons inspections program.

The inspectors found the stuff, it will be destroyed, and no American soldiers or Iraqi citizens were killed. Inspections do work.

Finally, the weapons inspection program has been constantly undermined by American intelligence. This discovery is no different. The story of the discovery did not come from Blix, head of the program, or through any of the natural channels. It was leaked by a Japanese inspector, a close ally, who contacted the press before the facts were available. Why?

Since 9/11, CNN’s viewership has increased almost 500 percent. Since this discovery, CNN has not discussed any of the facts or debated what the “warheads” were or were not loaded with, etc. They have constantly referred to the discoveries as chemical weapons, and have focused on what effect they would have on the administration’s pretext for war.

As everything on television depends on viewer ratings, and CNN is obviously well aware of this, CNN also knows that war is good for business. CNN, and this administration, are deceiving and lying to the American public.

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